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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start in arranging a speaker or trainer?

Firstly discuss what your requirements are, and what you are looking to achieve from the presenter’s session. Work on a budget, venue, theme, and the time frame around which the session should be based. Give us a call and discuss your event and we will assist in providing a selection of presenters for you to peruse. With our guidance you will be able to choose who you think will achieve the results you are looking for.

How long does a Speaker present for?

Most speakers will do a Keynote presentation for approx 1 Hour. Some presenters will speak for up to 75 or 90 mins but this depends on each presenter. We’re happy to provide assistance with this.

How long does a Trainer train?

This will depend on what your requirements are. Some sessions are run for 1-2 Hours, and others like Management Tuition and Sales Tuition can be up to 2 day programs.

What if I don't see the presenter or particular topic on your website?

We have a large database of presenters and topics, and do not list all of these on our website. Give us a call and discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to assist.

I can't decide between presenters?

We have videos on our website of some of our presenters. Also we stock a library of these as well and are happy to forward some to you. In the event that you still feel you have a specific need to be addressed in your presentation and you would like to speak with a couple of the presenters to ensure who is the right one for you, Great Expectation will arrange for the presenter to make contact with you prior to booking.

Now I've found the presenter - what do I do?

Once you decide who is the most suitable presenter for your event it is best to book as early as possible to confirm that presenter. Until presenters are confirmed, they are still able to take enquiries from other clients, so we recommend confirming straight away and as soon as possible.

Now I've booked - what do I do?

We will confirm your booking in writing and forward paperwork and invoicing to you. We will also forward these details to the presenter so they receive exactly the same details as you. In the week prior to your function we make contact with both yourselves and the presenter to do a final check-off to ensure all the last minute details are correct and everyone has the same details of venue/room changes and times.

We want someone different this year!

Yes many clients also feel the same. We are happy to offer different ideas in this regard – perhaps it’s time to consider a Corporate Hoax or a more visual and entertaining session with more comedy. We have some great ideas in this regard so please give us a call for assistance.