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Marg Booth

Marg Booth
Managing Director

With Marg Booth being one of the Australia’s leading experts in the speaking and training industry, the experience and knowledge she offers you, as a client, is invaluable. 

Having now worked with thousands of professional speakers, trainers, educators and entertainers, and having being sought out herself to contribute to event industry panels/events, Marg knows what is current, and what is required to be a leader in the speaking industry.  She works with a wide range of dynamic and interesting people who are specialists in their chosen fields, and those who work at the forefront of their industry.  By identifying your organisation’s specific needs, she is happy to share her experience (often first hand) of the many presenters, trainers and entertainers available, and provide the most suitable recommendations.

Marg understands that, as an event organiser, it is paramount to find the right fit for your organisation and for your delegates – something that is not always apparent by simply reading a bio. She’ll not only recommend a speaker/entertainment line up that will provide you with a full and cohesive programme, but will enhance your delegates’ experience by suggesting the right speaker to provide the right message, at the right time. After all, you want a programme that people will remember and be talking about (for all the right reasons) for a long time after your event.

With her team at Great Expectation, Marg can assist you to create magic at your next event.