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12 keys to success Posted on December 16, 2015 in Leadership Development

Lorin Nicholson shares his 12 keys to success as discussed in his conference keynote.

1. Choice and attitude - this is a fundamental principal that empowers each of us with the knowledge that you are always the one in control.

2. Courage and setting goals - be prepared to take a risk and do something you're passionate about! Visualise your goal and then stick to it.

3. Coping with negativity and peer pressure - sometimes the limitations imposed upon us by others can be a greater barrier than the limitation itself. Building confidence and self esteem.

4. Expectations - what do we expect of ourselves and what do others expect of us?

5. Adapt and overcome - we all have unique challenges as well as strengths, so don't be afraid to look outside the circle and do things differently!

6. Planning and organisation - success requires thought and a step by step strategy. Think big, act small.

7. Faith in the unknown - a powerful built-in hope that drives each of us forward.

8. Perseverance and resilience - anything worthwhile requires effort and the ability to bounce back and keep going.

9. Working together - building a strong and vibrant team. Believing in ourselves begins when others believe in us too!

10. Everyday Heroes - making a difference. Who are the real heroes in life? You don't need to be famous. Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things!

11. Climbing our own mountain - the greatest challenge in life isn't with the person next to you, it's the challenge going on inside yourself!

12. What is real success? Look for meaningful goals in life and prioritise what is really important!