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2000 Olympic Games 15 years on Posted on May 24, 2017 in Hot Keynote Topics

Olympians: always an inspiration 

In 2000, we celebrated the Olympic Games being held in Sydney. With the 2016 Rio Olympics approaching, it brings this highly motivating and profound inspirational theme, to the forefront.  

Our highly respected inspirational speakers from the Sporting and Olympic genre, offer great insights around timeless topic areas from resilience, goal setting and attitude to performance, team development, leadership and workplace culture.

Many have the ability to create a winning keynote address or workshop that is especially geared toward your specific goals and key outcomes.

The talent listed below, are a selection of Australia's top Sporting and Olympic Speakers.  Do you recognise these sporting greats?   Each of their stories of success and resilience are unique, and translate extremely well to the challenges experienced today in the corporate arena.   

Successful events | Successful speakers

HR Managers and Learning & Development Managers have utilised such Speakers to deliver key outcomes for their teams' personal development programs with great success.  

However, the importance of getting the 'right' speaker and doing your research cannot be overstated.  

Sporting professionals, are professional sports people.  But are they professional speakers?    This is where we can assist you - our knowledge is a powerful tool in determining the 'right' speaker for your event or training programme.  Your success is our success, please feel free to contact us at any time to make magic events happen!

Summer Olympians: Brennon Dowrick, Kerri Pottharst, Mark Tonelli, Drew Ginn, Hayley Lewis, Nikki Hudson, Libby Trickett

Winter Olympians: Steven Bradbury, Alisa Camplin, Jacqui Cooper

Paralympians [Winter and/ Summer]: Jessica Gallagher, Karni Liddell, Don Elgin, Gerrard Gosens

Not all of our speakers are featured on our website.  We have a selection below and if you wish to engage someone who isn't listed, feel free to contact us at any time.