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4 Time Saving Tips Posted on August 9, 2019

By Business Communications Speaker Debbie Mayo-Smith

Nifty Word Document Formatting Trick

If you are having trouble lining up your content; or you are tab, tab, tabbing – forgettabout it!!!! As the Italians would say.

Instead, insert a table and use that to line up your text and images beautifully. Each cell (the intersection of a row and column) can individually hold content. And here’s the thing:

The most important fact – you don’t have to show borders so no one will ever know you have a table there.

Columns and rows can be merged into each other.

A single row or column can be split into more of each.

Content (including images) can be aligned top, centre or bottom as well as left, centre and right in each cell.

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Does Your Smartphone Email App Waste Your Time?

Are you one of the people simply using the built-in email program on your phone?  These apps are not the best. They lack timesaving features.

The Outlook email app has a setting that separates your email into two folders – Focused and Other. You enable it in the settings.

Gmail, when you enable categorised email on your desktop, follows through to the phone app; sorting your email into the labels you’ve ticked: Priority. Promotions. Social. Updates and Forums.

This is exceedingly useful for helping you focus on reading only the most important emails. Priority will have all the emails showing. The others will show you the number of new and unread emails which you can click into – as seen in the image.

Great Communication Tip.

Them Not You.

Almost everyone gets a fundamental aspect of communication wrong. When we write and converse. We do it from our perspective.
I want to let you know.

I need this.

Our company is a wonderful place to work.

We have great staff.

Yet whomever you are speaking with/reading your communication want information in their perspective. They care about themselves. Not you.

Instead turn it around and communicate as best you can from their perspective:

You’d be interested to know.

Can you help me with this.

You’ll love working with us.

You’ll love our staff.

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