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4 Tips to Save You Time Posted on September 7, 2020 in Hot Keynote Topics

By Business Skills Speaker Debbie Mayo-Smith.

1. Google Search Trick

Easily filter out results from the past or an incorrect timespan. Here's how: Type whatever you're looking for into Google's search field on either your computer or mobile, followed by the time frame for results you want to see. For example, if you wanted to find tips on using your smartphone contacts you would put

"top tips smartphone contacts after:2019-02-02 " - this would show you results appearing after the 2nd of February 2019.

Here’s a bonus tip. This brings up a lot of Samsung S10 tips. You can exclude them by adding a minus sign next to S10 like this "top tips smartphone contacts after:2019-02-02 -s10"

2. Excel Tricks

  1. Colour Tabs. You can easily have your sheets ‘stand out’ with colour.
    •  Excel: Right click the sheet tab. Select the colour you want. There you are!
    • Google Sheets: On the sheet tab, click the Down arrow. Select Change color.

  2. Copy/move. You can easily duplicate a sheet or move it or copy and move to a new book!
    • Excel: Right click the sheet tab. Select Move or Copy. Choose where in the workbook the new sheet goes or click the drop down arrow for a new book.

Google Sheets: On the sheet tab, click the Down arrow. You have your choice of Duplicate or Copy To.

3. Gmail Tip: Gmail as a backup and archive

If Gmail is not your primary email service why not have it collect your other email accounts as a back-up and easy archive. For example my Gmail account has emails going all the way back to 2001!!!! 89,705 emails in total. (You’ll find them under All Mail, not Primary). This beats navigating a huge Outlook folder or digging through old Outlook archives and gives you access to them anytime, anywhere.

4. Uh-oh Outlook (2016/9)!!!

Has your ribbon, which was uglified with whopping big icons a few months ago, just all about disappeared to a measly few icons?

Microsoft has now pushed through the new Simplified Ribbon feature. They promote it as, a smaller, more compact ribbon with the most common commands streamlined. If you remember the painful transition in 2007 from the Menu to the Ribbon, it was because all the wonderful features of their software was hidden and they wanted to bring them out into the open.

So the Simplified Ribbon has to go back where it came from in my book. If you want your old ribbon back (unfortunately with the ugly icons still) simply go to the far right of your ribbon and click what MS calls the caret (the wee little down arrow).

When it comes to Customer Relationship Management and database marketing - Debbie's an advocate of using the desktop software you already have and she'll 'wow' you when explaining the magic you have at your fingertips. If you'd like to know more about Debbie CLICK HERE, or call us on 1300 55 64 69.