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Create the right sales process for your team Part 3 #003 Posted on May 24, 2017 in Workplace Training

During this sales seminar, I speak about the current issues facing many sales teams and sales specialists.  We look to discuss key solutions and strategies for increased sales performance.  This podcast is the third and final part of our sales training series  [click here for part one].  

Enhanced sales team performance 

This podcast continues with some valuable tips on how to create a mindset that helps you, and your team, to succeed.

We know it’s been a tough climate of late for many industries and it's always great to hear from a sales specialist.  Anoop, an experienced sales trainer, and we are looking forward to sharing his advice with you.

Sales knowledge

This podcast presents an opportunity for you to experience how a corporate trainer can assist with their knowledge and experience.  Now, let's continue to experience what a great corporate trainer can do for your sales team.  

*Remember this podcast is the final in a series of three, you can view previous episodes
here: part one | part two

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