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Establish a presence and be heard Posted on May 27, 2016 in Workplace Training

Learn the skills to perform in any environment

Establishing a presence, or an ability to influence and find your own voice has never been more important.

It doesn't matter what your role is, or what industry you work in, everyone can benefit from developing and enhancing their ability to communicate.

That said, we'd like to share with you a unique presenter who is an expert in 'finding your voice' and improving your face to face work interactions.

Learn how to establish a presence, and BE HEARD

Dr Louise Mahler is a body language expert who facilitates in-house corporate training and workshops to improve workplace communication.  

It's not just about learning how to present more effectively and influence the people in your work environment, Louise inspires communication that results in a win-win outcome for all.  Learn to apply a greater empathy to all your personal interactions whether that is at work or at home.

Presence, Influence and Finding your Voice

In this short 4 minute video below, Dr Louis Mahler chats to Larry and Kylie about the science behind the online joke turned social phenomenon. The Morning Show Channel 7. 

Looking to improve communication in the following areas?

Client meetings
Boardroom negotiations
Investor engagements
Media grillings
Staff concerns
Numerous other interactions...

Dr Louise Mahler is a professional keynote speaker and conference presenter. Louise also facilitates workshops and in-house corporate training programs on a regular basis throughout Australia.  

Contact us for more information about Dr Louise Mahler, if you have specific requirements or outcomes, we are happy to assist you further.