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How to conquer your goals, and keep you on track in 2020 Posted on July 2, 2020

By Motivational Speaker Donna Campisi

The realisation began in November 2012. I stepped off the treadmill of ‘going through the daily motions,’ needing to move away from my desk and take time out to enjoy some ‘Me time.’ Heading out for a walk on a real path, along the beach. Enjoying the trees, the green grass, the blue sky; experiencing the energy of people relishing the spring weather … this was the time-out I needed to realise there was more to life than working on someone else’s goals.

Ever felt this way?

A few years before this, someone asked me, ‘What can’t you do since having a (childhood) stroke, Donna?’ Always trying to focus on what I can do, rather than what I can’t, this, to me, was an interesting question!

After thinking awhile: ‘I haven’t had the confidence to run since the stroke. The last time I remember running was when I was seven!’

The seed was planted.

On my walk that spring evening along the beach, I noticed bodies swooping past me. I wondered, why don’t I give this running thing a go?

So, there I was, on a concrete path with nobody to catch me. What if I fall? I thought. Well, you’ve done that plenty of times, when walking! So what?

Agreeing with the second voice in my head, I held my breath like I were about to jump into the ocean and made the leap. This was something I hadn’t done on my own in thirty-four years!

Counting my hobbling steps as I moved hesitantly forward: one, two, three … making it to twenty steps, after a few more tentative attempts, and managing not to kiss the concrete, my final attempt for the evening was a triumphant thirty puffed-out steps!

That evening, walking home, ideas came to my overly enthusiastic mind. Perhaps I could organise a fundraiser fun run, while wondering if I could learn to run again. Could I possibly get some help and run 4 km – is that too big of a goal for me? I wonder?

Well, 4 km turned into 42.2 km. Yes, my goal to learn to run again looked like this: someone who hadn’t ran for thirty-four years due to a childhood stroke, and only able to run thirty tentative steps, making a goal to run in the Melbourne Marathon in eleven months’ time! This was huge for me, a big scary goal that seemed unachievable.

How did I stay on track to achieve this big scary goal? Here are some tips that helped me conquer my goal, and I hope to keep you on track in 2020, with your goals:

- Firstly, conquering the ‘I Can’t’ and ask yourself ‘How can I?’

- Choose your distance and focus on your WHY.

- Commit to the goal, announce to many people, this is a great incentive to keeping you accountable.

- Stepping out of your comfort zone, on a regular basis, is a great way to practise facing any fears that may come your way to keep you on track.

- Choose wisely the people you surround yourself with, you need people to encourage you.

- There may be roadblocks that you face, be flexible to change route or time frames.

- Enjoy the journey too, sometimes we may miss good opportunities, from keeping so focused on the end result.

- Use winning language, focusing on positives, rather than repeating the doubter’s thoughts.

- Write a plan and break it down into achievable steps. I use The Baby Step Method, from my book ‘The Unlikely Marathoner’ with any goal I set.

When it comes to accomplishments and inspiring you to achieve your big goals – Donna is an amazing example of achieving great things, with challenges she’s faced along the way. Donna is a passionate woman, encouraging audiences to follow their dreams, and bring back their confidence, strength, courage and self-belief that they CAN achieve and get over the finish line. Donna has authored three books, is an international speaker, and hosts her own podcast Ready! Set! Goal! If you'd like to know more about Donna CLICK HERE or call us on 1300 55 64 69.