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International Men’s Health Day Posted on November 19, 2020

This is my gift to the community on such an important day as International Men’s Health Day, recognising mental health of our men and boys (and everyone).  

Mental Health – yes there’s lots of talk out there about it, but what can we individually do?  Well, I am so fortunate to have my business which is a professional Speakers Bureau, and to work in an industry having access to top celebrities and knowledge specialists around the world.  I’m thankful for that every day, I’m grateful that I get to learn something from them every day, and I am happy that I can do my bit about these serious mental health issues we are seeing increase daily.  

Personally I don’t suffer from mental health issues, but I have family and friends that do.  I am so passionate about what we have recently spent months creating during Covid, to help people with their mental health and mindset during this unbelievably stressful year we've all had. Mental health, suicide, stress, burnout, resilience, depression, loneliness, sleep, mindset, gratitude, meditation, mindfulness and self-care to name a few, are topics covered in our short 5 Minute podcasts.  Yes they’re only 5 Minutes, and those 5 Minutes should be all about you.  Hence the name - 5 Minutes for Me. Why 5 Minutes? Because I don't care what anyone says - we are all busy, and stressed with so much to do, or so little time to do it.  Don’t know about you, but I am busy, and busy all the time!  I don’t have time to listen to 20, 30 or 60 min podcasts every day, and stress myself out even more.  So here is a resource tool that people can access everyday for 5 Minutes while they’re waiting for a coffee, or getting ready in the morning.  It allows them to hear from others with lived experiences, and authors and specialists in their fields working in these mental health areas.  We’ve collaborated with some truly amazing people, who have been so open about their journeys, and their teachings.  I am in true awe of them.

I welcome you to share this with your global network.  Please, I ask you to share it so people can have something for FREE for the next 12 days through to 30 November to help make a difference for them.  There are over 80 podcasts they can listen to, and learn and be inspired by.  If it helps them all, or if it helps just one, then I am a happy person. 

The App name: @5MinutesforMe 
The Promo code to use for free access: movember
The website:

My purpose and my passion – to do my bit to help spread daily inspiration and learnings for a better life for all.  
Your bit – please download it, and use it, and share it.  I would be so grateful if you did. 

And I thank you for your time to read this long post.

Marg Booth
5 Minutes for Me App
Great Expectation Speakers and Trainers

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