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License to speak Posted on July 8, 2016

Disrupt the conversation with one key question

Paramedic and State Trauma Councillor Paul Spinks, has seen the dark side of what happens when life spins out of control.  Paul speaks about, health and well-being of team members, inspiring change and providing audiences with a tool kit to act upon.  

The podcast below is just a short segment of a presentation Paul made at our speaker showcase.   

We all want the most from our lives, but if life itself isn’t humming to the right beat, it’s most certainly not going to hum at work. Paul asks audiences to disrupt the conversation at work and at home.   He urges everyone to create an environment where we can all have a license to speak.  

Listen to the 6 minute clip below, it might inspire you to ask someone this one key question; How are you today?

Podcast: Paul Spinks, License to speak #016


Paul Spinks is available for workplace training, and keynote presentations.  If you are interested in engaging Paul for your next workplace training event read more or make an enquiry by clicking here.

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