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Smartphone productivity tips Posted on June 28, 2016 in Workplace Training

20 smartphone tips 

Debbie Mayo-Smith is a keynote speaker and in-house corporate trainer.  Below she has compiled a list of 20 smartphone tips.

If you are looking for productive content for your team or conference/keynote presentation, get in touch with us.  Debbie has a host of productivity ideas which translate to huge time savings at work.  

We trust you'll find many of these suggestions to be very useful!

1. Video your home for content and dwelling insurance records

2. Your belongings in your suitcase before going off on a trip

3. When moving, take photos of the contents of boxes so you know what is in them

4. Where you parked

5. Photo the inside of your refrigerator and pantry before you go shopping

6. Likewise if you hand write your shopping list, take a photo in case it gets lost

7. Can’t find your glasses? Use your phone’s camera to help you see more clearly to find them

8. Scanning documents, paperwork: this can then be emailed to someone else for data entry

9. Write a motivational note and snap it or take a motivational one for your lock screen

10. When you’re out shopping without the kids - send them the photo to see if they want it before you buy

11. Use the Video - to record how - to’s

12. Create a photobook of your work to give to prospects - for example hairstyles. landscape designs, automobile graphics

13. Snap expense receipts for input into your online accounting software (Xero, MYOB)

14. When you're travelling, and staying in numerous hotels, take a photo of your door with the room number

15. Take a photo of a recipe before going to the supermarket so you don’t miss any of the ingredients

16. Photograph a magazine article so you can finish reading it later

17. Photograph a tape measure showing the length/height/dimension of the item in interest so you don't need to write down the measurements

18. Forgotten your reading glasses when you're out to dinner? Take a photo of the menu and zoom in to make your choice (no one even notices, it looks like you're checking messages)

19. Travelling overseas and heading out for a big night on the town? Photograph your hotel and your hotel room door showing the room number! If you don't speak the language, taxi drivers can look at the photo and get you home to the right hotel

20. When you loan something to a friend, take a photo of them with the loan item - so you can remember who you loaned it to & when