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What if Work isn’t Meaningful? Posted on December 12, 2016 in Leadership Development

Positive Influence and Trust-Relationships expert David Penglase has put together this ‘Intentional Success’ series of practical ‘how to’ videos for HR professionals and aspirational leaders looking for fresh evidence-based ideas and strategies on how to build thriving businesses where people can flourish.

This episode is titled What if Work isn’t Meaningful? 

‘Intentional Success’ Series 
Episode 1: Do you see Leadership as a Privilege or a Position?

Episode 2: Are you an Aspirational or Inspirational Leader?

Episode 3: 4 Crucial Elements that Promote your Trustworthiness

Episode 4: Good Intentions Engage Employees

Episode 5: Who do your Employees really Trust?

Episode 6: What if Work isn’t Meaningful?


David Penglase is a world-class 'Hall of Fame' conference keynote speaker, masterclass presenter and positive psychology researcher who is fascinated by the power of intentional action on personal and professional success. His keynote presentations are high energy, content-rich, funny and leave audiences wanting more. If you would like to know more about David's conference presentations or workplace training options contact me for more information, click here.

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