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Whatever happened to our beautiful and amazing events industry? Posted on May 19, 2020 in Business Speakers

Today we’re talking about the world of conferences and events.  Just like everything else the industry was turned upside down with no warning, however the new world of social distancing doesn’t mean that will be disconnecting from everything and everyone.
Whilst our industry has suffered so heavily with all events being cancelled or postponed, and the conversations now around how people are screen fatigued with so many Zoom meetings, this brings us to ask the questions of how will we operate differently in the future?  Some thoughts on doing virtual events is great, doing hybrid events is also great, and moving forward we realise the need to be more creative to firstly capture interest for people to attend, as well as what to do to keep them online and engaged for the whole time.

While online speaker presentations may continue for the near future, at the end of the day we are people – and people need human connection.  We need it, we thrive on it, and we survive on it.  Just ask anyone who has been in isolation how much they’re craving the connection of being with people again!
The cost of doing online events can be beneficial without venue and AV charges, but the joy that people get from attending events in person to learn something new, meet new and like-minded people, be stimulated from the activities and breakouts will again prove their value and return bigger and better (and different) in the future.
Whilst events as we know it are gone for the time being, and other online meetings are happening, this will not always be the case, and as we quantify the value of running events we will again move to something wonderful for our industry.
We’re still here, we’re still working on future client events, and we’re still working with some amazing professionals to bring the best they can to live events either online via webinars or in person. The passion and drive for doing even more amazing things in the future is something very positive.
So from us to you, be kind to yourself, look after your own mental health, enjoy a little bit more of this wonderful freedom we can experience from here on, keep doing all the right things, and please feel free to email me on or give me a call if you would like to chat on this.
Marg Booth