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What do I look for in a professional speaker? Posted on June 28, 2016 in Conferences and Events

What to look for in a professional speaker

We often get asked, “How do I choose the right keynote speaker for my event?”

It’s an easy process to book a speaker, but getting the right speaker for your conference or event can be fairly challenging. 

You want to make sure they have something of real value to share with your attendees as well as meet your desired outcomes. That’s why working with a speaker bureau is an essential part of your event’s success. 

A speaker bureau is experienced in finding you a professional speaker (or facilitator, MC, entertainer and more) who has a great program that has been tried and tested, to be successful.

Sometimes you find professional speakers have just one speech. If it's a great speech, they can build a whole career on it. And then there are professional speakers and keynote speakers who customise programs for different industries and different levels of people in the audience. 

Over the years we have booked a whole range of speakers who customised their programs to include topics like: teamwork, or team building, customer service, leadership, change, innovation, creativity, marketing, management, negotiations, thinking outside of the box, - you get the idea.  

So when you book a speaker with us, we’ll discuss your requirements and suggest the right person for your needs.  We’ll have them do a briefing directly with you, and have them customise their presentation to meet your desired outcomes.  

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