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Guess that baby! Posted on August 26, 2014 in Team Building

Showcase Team Building

At a recent Speaker Showcase our MC Malcom Riley, thought it would be a fun idea to play
'guess that baby'.  We collected some baby photos, of our Showcase presenters [and the the GE team].   Malcom mentioned a trip to Hawaii was on offer, everyone was quite excited, and keen to participate.

Unfortunately, we were unable to give away the trip to Hawaii, as not one response was correct.   

We really appreciated everyone getting involved.  Please see the answers confirmed below.


1. Gihan Perera view web profile

2. Janelle Bell, Great Expectation

3. Karen Gately view web profile

4. Malcom 'believe it or not' Riley view web profile

5. Noel Whittaker view web profile

6. Tottie Goldsmith view web profile

7. Marg Booth, Great Expectation

8. Michael McQueen  view web profile

9. Marie Ortquist, Great Expectation