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Robbi Mack Travels from Sydney, NSW

Robbi Mack


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Robbi Mack is a vivacious and passionate Keynote Speaker, World Class MC, and an exceptional Masterclass Trainer and Stagecraft Coach.

For decades Robbi has rocked the stage to audiences worldwide using comedy, interactive improvisation and cabaret in corporate, television and theatre. She started her career on the Nine Network as a Children’s Show Host and went on to become an accomplished Singer, Comedian and Entertainer. Robbi is also well known for being the compassionate and much-loved Dr Haveachat, a Clown Doctor in Sydney’s Children’s Hospitals.

Nowadays, Robbi graces the stage as an inspirational Keynote Speaker delivering ‘HEARTBEATZ’ – a process enabling organisations to activate emotional intelligence from the inside out; allowing our hearts and minds to engage and elevate performance.

Robbi is obsessed with engaging people in amplifying themselves and their message to increase their effectiveness and improve commercial results.

Robbi delivers the amazing results of LEAD WITH IMPACT through her Masterclass and personal Stagecraft Coaching and takes participants on an experiential treat that involves self-observation, visiting the ‘discomfort zone’ and implementing techniques that raise the energy in the room.

Robbi is like an energiser battery powering your presentation!

What makes Robbi unique is her substantial experience as a multi-talented performer in varying industries and she brings her vast toolkit with her and shares generously her skills with participants.

LEAD WITH IMPACT Masterclass and STAGECRAFT COACHING offers the opportunity for individuals to amplify their personal and professional attributes while maintaining humility and authenticity to create memorable presentations.

With the onslaught and overload of digital information at our fingertips, it is often difficult to engage the attention of our audience and yet working a ‘live’ presentation can offer the connection and engagement that the written word doesn’t.

The purpose is to build the capability to influence, inspire and ignite action each time you speak.

Keynote Titles

  • Heartbeatz
  • Heartbeatz for Resilience
  • Heartbeatz to Influence


Robi Mack was a sensation! Apart from being extremely entertaining, she made our leadership team sit up, take notice, and rethink their attitudes to others and life in general. We now realise that local government is in desperate need of some 'clown leaders'! I am officially in training!

Tamworth Regional Council

Thanks Robi, we thoroughly enjoyed the day and the time working with you, we were just thrilled with the outcome. Your creative presentation and messages were supported by flawless execution, we could not have asked for anything more.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Australia

Robi bought her high energy and exuberance to the stage along with her wealth of talent and humor raising the engagement level of our 500+ delegates at our International Conference. Our core messages were delivered and retained as they reinforced the positive once in a lifetime experiences the delegates were having. From focused attention to roaring laughter, from elegantly spoken introductions to light hearted housekeeping, Robi’s enthusiasm was infectious and uplifting.


Robi, you are a very talented lady with a gift to motivate business people. You made me laugh, cry, sing, blow a funny horn but most importantly you stimulated me to look at what is really important in my career. I’m sure the entire audience of close to five hundred at our Annual Real Estate Sales and Leadership Convention at the Sydney Convention Centre felt the same.

Pittard Real Estate Training Group



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