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Mastering your mind series

Event Details

Date: Thursday, 25 October 2018.
Time: 8.30 am to finish at 5.00 pm. Limited to 20 Participants
Venue: Brisbane CBD, to be confirmed. 
Cost: $495.00 per participant 
Book Online: go to www.janemara.com to register for this master class

High performance mind for business success

Today’s business environment continues to challenge ways of thinking and working effectively in all industry segments. This disruption will not change as we move into the age of the Internet of Things and the impact of AI at work.

Leaders and managers have never known such challenging times and are not equipped to deal with this constant change that inevitably is occurring.

Change is not easy. Humans are ‘hard – wired’ against making change. When we are challenged by something new or different, we react by employing our most instinctive behaviours, ultimately the “fight – flight” programming. We respond from that part of our brain, known as the reptilian brain, the most primitive part of the brain responsible for our very survival.

As individuals and as a collective organisation, we employ instinctive responses. Our view of the world is coloured by our own mental ‘models’ When we react from fear and stress, we revert to the habitual strategies that may have once worked, only to discover that the ground rules have changed.

Albert Einstein famously said: “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used in creating them”

Strategic leadership in times of rapid change, involves first raising your own self-awareness, freeing yourself from your own personal blocks to vision and effectiveness, developing relationships with your peers and employees on a deep level, getting in touch with your emotions, and heart unleashing your own intuition and energy.

People need to feel led and inspired by their leaders and managers. People want to feel more connected with others, seeking deeper meaning and satisfaction at work. Integration of who we are as human beings with our professional selves is critical to leveraging organisational performance and productivity.

What can be achieved?

People can access their full range of inner capabilities when they know what is occurring for them, having clarity and ownership of their roles and responsibilities with accountability for the outcomes they create in the business.

When we understand ourselves, we can, consequently, understand other people and learn to become more effective leaders and managers.  These EQ skills are not learnt in the education system.

This self-understanding can be learnt easily and positively impacts on problem solving, decision-making, innovation, creativity, and ultimately leading to significantly improved bottom line. Recognition and acceptance of the unique capabilities that allows people to perform at their best and to go beyond what is expected of them. This master class series focuses on mastering your mind to be focused and intentional, developing a high-performance mindset that allows you to be engaged and productive, despite the external environment.

High performance mind for business performance

Your mind is being changed every minute!

In environments of complexity, increasing ambiguity with too much or too little information, our brain literally changes, reducing connections between neurons leading to a decrease in our ability to make clear decisions and to work effectively, particularly under stressful conditions. Technology and connectivity 24/7 is resulting in short term attention spans for people who are unable to clearly focus and make decisions easily, often blocking access to creativity and innovative thinking.

What is a high-performance mind?

This master class is designed to improve your minds flexibility and agility. We have natural ability to access multiple levels of intelligence. This program is specifically designed for business leaders and professionals delivering ways to rewire your neural pathways and to re-balance your mind, and de-stress, easily 

You will learn how to: 

Improve the quality of relationships in professional and personal life

Sustain your energy throughout the day

Improve the quality of your decision making, under pressure

Increase your productivity at work - how to access clear thinking and focused thought – every time!

Have the ability to rapidly discriminate, organise and analyse information

Improve decision-making and problem-solving abilities

Become more mindful of your attention and focus abilities

Adaptability and resilience to environmental distractions

Learn how to consciously relax, reducing stress to enhance 

Master the power that lies within the moment


Initial questionnaire prior master class for individual assessment

Interactive discussion and information to provide new understandings

Experiential techniques to impart skills and build confidence

Post training activities to embed learning including coaching available

Who should participate?

Leaders, Managers and professionals who will benefit by improving their minds agility and capacity expanding their knowledge to incorporate whole brain balanced decision-making.

Business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to improve their personal capacity for clear decision-making and access to greater creativity

Event Details

Date: Thursday, 25 October 2018
Time: 8.30 am to finish at 5.00 pm. Limited to 20 Participants
Venue: Brisbane CBD, to be confirmed
Cost: $495.00 per participant 
Book Online: go to www.janemara.com to register for this master class


The master class will be facilitated by Jane Mara. If you would like to know more about Jane and her keynote presentations click here to submit your enquiry, or contact us directly on 1300 55 64 69. 

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Jane is an author, speaker, researcher, management trainer and executive coach applying the power of personal mindset to create success for organisations and individuals. She has strong business experience as a management consultant and is highly regarded for dissemination of complex scientific knowledge into practical applications for business. Read more.