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WEBINAR Sales Resilience

Bouncing back from rejections and setbacks

As a good proportion of initial sales calls/meetings end in ‘No’ - setbacks are a part of any sales process. 

Most salespeople, however, are never taught how to deal with the impact of hearing ‘no’, and as a result their effectiveness and productivity are diminished and the likelihood of future success is reduced. 

The right training is required

Boosting sales performance is often driven by focusing on strategy, improving CRM software, and refining sales techniques.  However, when salespeople feel stressed about rejection, supplying them with more sales training usually produces little improvement, wastes company resources and can often compounds the state of self-doubt they are already feeling. 

In this online seminar, you will learn how to keep your drive alive by building your resilience and bounce back from the setbacks, challenges and failings that may otherwise burn you out or leave you feeling flat.

Event Details

Thursday, 8 November 2018 
10.00 am to 10.30 am
REGISTER > Free for the first 50 participants.