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How to Be a Happy, Thriving Human Posted on June 27, 2019 in Mental Health

By Health and Performance speaker, Jenny Brockis.

Why do we seek to thrive?

Because it’s that feeling of being alert and calm, content and excited all rolled into one. It’s about being adaptive, responsive, happy and connected. Sheer bliss.

But it can feel out of reach, because we’re living at a time when too many workplaces and people are struggling - they’re under pressure, stressed out and stretched to their limits.

As a medical practitioner I’m worried about the number of people I see with ‘Busy Brain Syndrome’, stuck in the brown-out zone, exhausted, overwhelmed and ground down by the relentless pressure of having too much to do, too little time and inadequate resources. It sucks and puts us at risk of burnout and mood disorders.

There is a solution.

You are human, not machine, with an amazing capacity to think, learn, solve problems, make decisions and come up with brilliant new ideas. This is your cognitive advantage derived from having a magnificent brain capable of rewiring itself to meet the needs of our everchanging environment

The key to your greater resilience, wellbeing and happiness is sitting squarely on your shoulders.

There are six elements to help you THRIVE


Getting a check-up from the neck-up with the new technology now available provides a snapshot of how well you’re thinking. This means, you can upgrade those mental skill sets in need of a little polish, to retain the mental agility and flexibility needed to think fast, stay focused and retain the awareness of how your brain best likes to work.


Self-care is never selfish, it’s essential. How you eat, move and sleep determines your energy, your state of mind and the value you bring to every day. Taking time out to rest, refresh and restore optimises how well you think, regulates emotions and keeps you more present to what’s happening in the here and now.


We are hard wired to connect. It’s as important to our survival as air, food and water. Nurturing strong positive relationships creates trust, greater collegiality and frees up mental energy to focus on the tasks at hand. Your happiness at work and greater productivity depends on your sense of belonging and knowing you’re in the right tribe.


How you show up affects everything and everyone. Developing a growth-oriented mindset builds greater resilience and lowers risk aversion, while stimulating possibility thinking using your curiosity, creativity and imagination.


Doing great work and feeling good about it comes from shared common values. Being acknowledged and recognised for your contribution provides meaning and purpose, a far more powerful motivator than money.


Empathy shows you “get” someone, who they are and what they stand for. By feeling their pain, you can take action with compassion, fostering collaboration and a way to resolve challenges more quickly.

Survive or thrive? It’s a choice. How can you use THRIVE to become the happy thriving human you wish to be?

Dr Jenny Brockis is a medical practitioner and lifestyle physician specialising in the creation of happy, healthy workplaces and teams that thrive. For more info about Jenny CLICK HERE or call us on 1300 55 64 69