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Oprah's Chief Of Staff Visiting International Posted on February 27, 2019 in Leadership Development


If you are looking for an highly entertaining and inspirational keynote speaker for an event during May, Libby Moore Oprah's former Chief of Staff is an exciting option. 

Libby is in Australia during May, or availability and fees contact us on 1300 55 64 69.

International keynote speaker and global adventurer Libby Moore loves inspiring people, and companies to achieve their life purpose. We interviewed Libby about her time with Oprah, as her Chief of Staff.  Below is an snapshot of the conversation.

What was the highlight of your career as Chief of Staff to Oprah?

The number one highlight is the personal time that I spent with Oprah. She will forever be my greatest teacher and mentor. She taught me the importance of listening to your intuition, aligning with your truth and being yourself in all situations. Many lessons were learned through our conversations and a lot was learned by observing her in how she handled her business and her life. It was the ‘Harvard’ of real-life lessons.

What was the most challenging part of your job?

Putting my job before everyone and everything in my personal life. It was my choice to do that. I did not know how to create any real balance between the two, and my relationships suffered. I was 200% ALL IN, and my personal life was always on the back burner. I travelled a lot as well. I went to South Africa 23 times in 8 years, while she was building the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. I loved the experience of it all, and at the same time, I was not present in my personal life.

Was there ever an ‘average’ day, and if so what did that look like?

On taping days, I would come in around 8.00 am, and brief Oprah while she was getting hair and makeup done for the show. We had our daily briefing and I would try to get as many questions answered as possible. It was a big information exchange. After the briefing I would pull the team together, debrief and delegate responsibilities. I would then watch the taping of the show while catching up on e-mails, (about 250 on average).

Throughout the day I was in meetings and on phone calls. Around 7.00 pm people would start leaving for the night and that is when I felt I could really focus and get work done. I usually left for the day around between 8:30 or 9:30 pm.

What was the best piece of advice ever given to you?

I was about a year into the job with Oprah, and I was still super overwhelmed with the amount of work and responsibilities that flowed through her office daily. It was around 11:30 pm at night and I was still in my office trying to get through my e-mails.

I was looking at piles of papers all over my desk and staring at the computer screen of about a hundred unread e-mails. In my stress and exhaustion, I started to cry. In my head, I was saying, “I can’t do this. It’s too much. I can’t do this.” I kept repeating that. And all of a sudden, I heard this voice say, “you’re not supposed to do it, you’re supposed to let ‘me’ do it.”

It came twice, "you’re not supposed to do it, you’re supposed to let me do it.”

I immediately sat up in my chair and stopped crying. I understood exactly what that meant. I am supposed to open myself up to allow a higher power to work through me. You can interpret “higher power” as you wish.

To me, that voice I heard was “God/The Divine/The Universe” speaking to me, to say, let me work through you. That completely shifted the way I worked and lived from that moment on. It was an epiphany and extraordinary advice.


If you would like to know more about Libby Moore's keynote presentations click here, or contact us for more information call 1300 55 64 69. 

ABOUT LIBBY MOORE | web profile

Libby Moore is a Life Coach, speaker, and global adventurer who loves inspiring people and companies to align with their higher self, in order to achieve their higher purpose.  Former Chief of Staff to Oprah Winfrey for 11 years, she spent over a decade by Oprah’s side while being exposed to some of the greatest thought leaders of our time. During this time, she managed a team of five assistants, as well as coordinated several other teams; security, aviation, properties, and was the key liaison for Ms. Winfrey. Read more.


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