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Top 5 things that Kokoda taught me, that is helping right now! Posted on April 3, 2020

With 121 Kokoda Trek’s and counting under Aidan Grimes belt… I am sure we all can agree he knows a little something about Perseverance, Patience and Resilience. Something we all need right now!

By Aidan Grimes

Aidan Grimes has the Top 5 things that Kokoda taught him, that is helping right now:

1) Adversity is only overcome by everyone pulling together, backing each other up and putting others ahead of self. With every step someone was always there for each other with some encouragement, some welcomed humour, someone was always there to lighten the load of someone doing it tough that day. Sharing what you had with others in need was always front of mind and displayed by each and every one. Taking care of each other, now more than ever, that lesson is so true and needed.

“Be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud.”

2) Patience and not to panic. Even when we were at our wits end, when we were out of energy and our legs wobbly, we learnt that by staying calm we found our inner strength and ability to dig deep that was only gained from patience, focus and mindfulness and being in the present.

3) Resilience and not to give up. We learnt the lesson that by putting one foot down and then the next foot down (no matter how fast or slow we did it) we moved forward. How amazed and proud of ourselves, and each other, were we when we got to camp each day and crested the final hill. Resilience will get us through this trying period.

4) Kindness and Asking for help is okay! One of the hardest but most courageous things you can do in life is reaching out and asking and accepting help when you need it. Do not sink into yourself, others are there to help give you a hand and lift you up. You do it for others, let them do it for you, so you are in a position to pay-it-forward again. Make the world go around with kindness. Ask RUOK? We are here for you.

5) Gratitude and Blessings, never take life for granted. We learnt from our Diggers that we should always know we are blessed to have our families, friends and life. Pay respect to what they did for us by how we live our life today.

By Aidan Grimes