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Illira Lovelight Travels from Sydney, NSW

Illira Lovelight


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Illira Lovelight, is an Empowerment Coach, author, and speaker, who is passionate about women’s empowerment, and living a healthy lifestyle. As a thought leader and change agent, in leadership, empowerment, and wellbeing, Illira has successfully designed and delivered innovative change and developmental programs.

Illira’s empowerment journey, which began in 2000 at her first personal empowerment retreat, inspired her quest to discover the nature of authentic empowerment. By learning how to apply the principles, and practices into her own life, resulted in a life-changing transformation.

Her core message, “Empower your life, Inspire your world,®” infuses Illira’s writing, speaking, and training. She masterfully creates a fusion of neuroscience, emotional intelligence, meditation, mindfulness, and yoga, with practical strategies, and tools. 

In 2017, Illira wrote, Sunrise Rituals for Empowered Women: How to achieve your life vision faster, to synthesis these empowerment principles into daily habits and practices, which are also delivered through a 7-module online self-study course.

With 20 years experience in senior communications, engagement, and environment roles for corporations and government, Illira has a solid foundation, and understanding of human behaviour, and the ‘real world’ challenges facing today’s businesses, and their employees.

Illira is a qualified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Master Results Coach, Master Ericksonian Hypnosis, and a master meditation and yoga practitioner.  She also holds degrees in Master Environmental Management, and Bachelor of Arts Interior Design.

Keynote Titles

  • Sunrise Rituals for Empowered Women | The 7 Peak Performance Habits of Empowered Women
  • Empowerment is the new success | How to Create an Empowered Mindset
  • Passion and Purpose | How to tap into your Passion and find your Personal WHY
  • The Power of Intention | How to set your Daily Intention and Increase your Performance
  • Creating Physical, Mental and Emotional Resilience

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