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Dr Olivia Remes is a Programme Director and researcher at the University of Cambridge, bestselling author, speaker, and life coach. Her work has been featured internationally by the BBC World, USA Today, and others.

At the University of Cambridge, Olivia is the Programme Director of “Leading Mental Health in the Workplace” programme, aimed at those in leadership positions. Through the programme, Olivia supports participants in bringing an extra dimension to their leadership – one which allows them to increase the effectiveness of their organisation as a whole and focus on mental health.

Over the past decade, Olivia Remes has developed a system of coping strategies that help people thrive and flourish in spite of obstacles; attain mental wellbeing; and overcome anxiety, depression, and stress. All of this work has gone into her book, The Instant Mood Fix, which contains 50 strategies for anxiety, stress, indecision, procrastination and common mindsets or patterns holding us back.  She has delivered seminars and talks on mental wellbeing to organisations around the world.  Olivia is also a life coach helping people to overcome anxiety and achieve their goals in life. 

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