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Natalee Johnson Travels from Sydney Or Canberra, NSW

Natalee Johnson


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Natalee Johnston grew up in regional Western Australia and after a decision to apply to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) as a pilot her future was full of firsts. As the first female pilot in the RAN Natalee gained extensive and unique experiences during her career as a facilitator, leader and pilot. In the 24 years of military service Natalee fulfilled roles as a qualified helicopter instructor, operations manager, leader and safety professional. In these roles she has gained knowledge and practical skills in understanding human behaviours, why we make errors, what influences our decisions and how organisational culture impacts it all. She has over 15 years of experience in instructing and facilitating helicopter training, risk management, investigation techniques, human factors, non-technical skills and culture.

Natalee knows the challenges of juggling family, work and her own needs. Recognising the impact of this on our decisions and performance, as we often put our own wellbeing on hold to provide for others. Teaching her two children from a young age the importance of making skilful decisions and learning from errors.

Natalee holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, Post Graduate certificate in Accident Investigation and a Masters in Business, among a number of other academic qualifications. Natalee shares her experience and knowledge in developing and understanding the human interactions that influence our behaviours, mental health and effective decision making and how organisational culture impacts it all.

Natalee is passionate about improving safety culture, not only in workplaces but also in society. Her passion is clearly evident in her captivating keynotes, engaging and challenging the audience to apply what she has learnt to them and their teams. She believes education in safety and decision making plays an integral part in achieving a positive safety culture.


Natalee's presentation was insightful, entertaining and heartfelt. Feedback from conference attendees listed her presentation as a highlight. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with in the lead up to, and during the conference. She took the time to learn about our organisation and its purpose, and to understand our audience so she could tailor her presentation accordingly. The result was that she captivated the crowd and taught us about human factors in a farm safety context.

Chairperson | Farmsafe Australia

Natalee Johnston presented at the launch of the Bureau of Meteorology's internal health and safety campaign in August, 2022. Her presentation was extremely engaging and highlighted the value of a mature and high-performing safety culture. Natalee delivered important health and safety messages through her own personal experience and stories, which complemented our campaign's objectives. Natalee's presentation received exceptional staff engagement and interest, which has continued to flow throughout the ongoing campaign.

Health And Safety Wellbeing Officer | Bureau Of Meteorolog

Natalee provided the keynote address at the 28th National Safety Awards of Excellence Gala Luncheon and she was absolutely amazing! We received so much positive feedback including that she was the best keynote the awards luncheon had ever had. I would highly recommend Natalee for any event as she is an engaging speaker that creates a bond with those in the room and in fact we have invited her back to present at the APOSHO 36 conference

Event Manager | NSCA Foundation

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