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John Shackleton Travels from Auckland, NZ


  • Change Management
  • Communication
  • Culture Change
  • Goal Setting
  • International Speaker
  • Management
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Small Business
  • Sport Coaches
  • Strategy And Planning
  • Swimming
  • Team Building

A top sports coach with a sports psychology background, John Shackleton shows international business audiences ideas and techniques that exercise and improve the biggest, most powerful muscle in the body: the brain. With a deep understanding of the importance of controlling attitude, confidence, self-esteem and mental focus, his entertaining and acclaimed talks inspire global audiences to become true winners.

John Shackleton is passionate about Raising the Game, he is passionate about helping managers to Inspire their team to Peak performance and he is passionate about helping people to Get Exactly What You Want.

John achieved his sporting success late in life after discovering that it was low self-esteem that held him back in his youth. In his youth a huge inferiority complex consistently denied him the triumph he deserved but studying sports psychology helped him to overcome this. At the age of 50 John swam faster than he did as a teenager, when international sporting stardom was within his grasp, culminating in a top five placing in both the 100m & 400m Freestyle events at the 2000 World Masters Swimming Championships in Munich.

John’s coaching experience is varied and extensive to say the least. In the 90’s he coached the British Triathlon Team to become European Champions. He ran a multi-million Dollar Training Company for 15 years and became the coach to CEO’s and senior execs for many of Europe’s blue chip companies. This varied background makes him a unique and powerful inspirational speaker with messages out of life’s experience not trite text book theory.

John says "My passion is showing people that self-limitation is what holds us back. Sport psychology teaches us about self-belief and how important it is to achieving peak performance. All we need to do to achieve more is to apply the techniques that sports people use, to our business and personal life. Applying these techniques means that we create quantum leaps in our performance, overcome our fears and reach our true potential."

Keynote Titles

  • Raise your game - performance
  • Great leaders are great coaches - leadership
  • Wimps don't win - performance
  • Inspiring your team to achieve their peak - leadership
  • iPerform - related you success to that of the iphone and achieve at a much higher level in their business life
  • Step up to Super Hero



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