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Mia Freedman Travels from Sydney, NSW


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Mia Freedman is the co-founder and creative director of the Mamamia Women’s Media Company the thriving, multi-media business that she started as a blog in her lounge room after 15 highly successful years spent working in magazines and seven disastrous months working in the male-dominated world of commercial TV.

With more than 100 full time staff who work across the company’s many offices around the world including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and New York and an audience of millions of women every day across written articles, podcasts and videos, Mamamia is the largest women’s media company in Australia and has the largest women’s podcast network in the world. Mia was named one of Australia’s Most Influential Women by the Australian Financial Review and with three children -  the eldest of whom works at Mamamia -  and a husband who is her co-founder, Mia has well and truly blurred the lines between work, life, and balance.

How I built Australia’s largest independent media company from my lounge room.” (40mins – 1hr)

This inspirational, hilarious, heart-breaking presentation of Mia’s path from work experience girl at Cleo magazine to the co-founder of Australia’s largest women’s media company is the ultimate crowd pleaser. Mia’s honest, candid, humourous, instructional and motivational keynote details her path from lounge room to board room and includes information about mistakes she’s made, hurdles she’s overcome, how to survive and thrive as a business and an individual on social media and the secret to balancing work and family.

The #1 Secret To Work Life Balance – from someone who’s been juggling for 20 years. (40mins – 1hr)

Mia Freedman became a mother when she was just 25, less than a year after being named the youngest ever editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. Over the next 20 years she would go on to experience the highest of career and personal highs and the most crushing lows. From the ashes she managed to raise three children, repair her broken marriage and start a business from her lounge room that is now the largest women’s media company in Australia and includes the largest women’s podcast network in the world. How did she do it while maintaining her sanity? This inspirational keynote is instructive, heart-breaking and hilarious and is guaranteed to leave audiences thinking, talking and sharing her wisdom for a long time afterwards.

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