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Lauren Burns Travels from Melbourne, VIC

Lauren Burns


  • Female Speaker
  • Goal Setting
  • Motivational
  • Olympian
  • Sport
  • Success

Lauren delivers powerful, engaging and life-changing presentations culminating her years of experience as an athlete, business owner, mum and lifestyle and wellness coach. 

Lauren Burns is a passionate, engaging and down to earth presenter. Her energy and optimism is contagious and will leave your audience inspired and motivated. Lauren is a true story teller, with the gift of transforming her stories into practical strategies for her audience to implement immediately. For decades, Lauren has been conducting keynotes and workshops tailored specifically to her audience. 

Lauren is currently delivering in-person and virtual presentations to a diverse range of audiences. She is in the final stages of her PhD on Lifestyle and Mindset, and works closely with the Australian Institute of Sport both with the Gold Medal Ready program and with their research institute. A best-selling author, Lauren has written two books - Fighting Spirit and Food from a Loving Home. She also writes nutritional wholefood menu plans for a Melbourne childcare centre, conducts 1:1 executive level coaching and enjoys running a busy family. 

Keynote Titles

  • What Can Be Imagined, Can Be Achieved
  • Active Taekwondo Workshop
  • High Performance Living – Be Your Best Self


Excellent. It was refreshing to listen to someone so natural and with a joy of life. An ordinary person doing extraordinary things.


Lauren inspired and entertained the audience with her simple but powerful messages on how to succeed through sacrifice and determination.


Excellent. We couldn’t have been happier with Lauren’s presentation. She is so natural, professional, inspirational; and is so generous with her time and her gold medal. It was great to have photographs and autographs as a memento. An Australian to be proud of. Feedback has been excellent, and I would recommend Lauren to anyone.



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