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Employee engagement is the most important people-related issue facing companies all around the world. The success of every business is determined by the degree to which managers are able to get employees performing at their absolute best.

Unfortunately, many managers aren't aware of the science behind employee engagement. They're unaware of the attitudes and techniques that drive employee excellence and loyalty. But once they learn and embrace these methods, performance increases exponentially.

James Adonis is one of Australia's most well-known employee engagement and team leadership educators. Whether it's via his presentations, workshops, books, or other services, he will show your managers how to become extraordinary leaders of people.

He is currently a PhD candidate researching the ways in which leaders can engage employees during organisational crises and significant change. His previous qualifications cover a diverse range of disciplines including business leadership, marketing management, and political science.

Engaging. Entertaining. Thought-provoking. These are the three words most commonly used to describe James's presentations. Packed full of information and delivered with humour, persuasiveness, and energy, your audience will think differently, behave authentically, and become advocates for employee engagement in the workplace.

With presentations delivered in many countries and to audiences ranging from front-line employees to CEOs and everyone in between, James doesn't just educate. He stimulates, challenges, and inspires managers to understand and embrace the immensely influential role they play within their teams.

James's academic history is supported by rich practical experience as a leader in a variety of industries. By the time he was 24, he was managing a team of 100. His major achievements included taking a team that had employee attrition exceeding 70 per cent and reducing it to zero where it was maintained for two years. He has achieved employee engagement results that have surpassed not only the industry standard but also world's best practice. Another of his teams achieved its key performance indicators for an unprecedented 100 consecutive weeks.

James's articles and research are regularly published in many countries and he is frequently featured in the media as a thought leader on people management. As a nationally-syndicated writer with the Fairfax group of news publications - such as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age - James's original thoughts are read by over 200,000 people every month.

He is the author of four books:

How To Be Great: From Cleopatra to Churchill - lessons from history's greatest leaders
Corporate Punishment: Smashing the management cliches for leaders in a new world
Employee Enragement: Why people hate working for you
Love Your Team: How to halve your employee turnover in less than 90 days

Over the past decade, James has worked with hundreds of organisations, helping them to successfully lead change, enhance teamwork, improve performance, and engage all generations. A truly international speaker and consultant, he has worked with leaders in Australia, New Zealand, India, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, and Belgium, with an impressive list of clients including McDonald's, American Express, Coca-Cola, Qantas, Optus, Ernst & Young, Gucci, and many government departments.

Previously, James was the President of the National Speakers Association of Australia (NSW Chapter) - the youngest person in the history of the Association to hold such an honour.

Keynote Titles

  • Employee Engagement - How to create an engaged and switched on team
  • Staff Turnover - How to develop loyal, dedicated and committed employees
  • Motivation - How to motivate employees without spending a cent
  • Employee En'rage'ment - Why people hate working for you
  • Gen Y - How to get the best out of Gen Y
  • Managing Change - How to get staff to embrace change rather than resist it
  • Teamwork - How to build a strong, supportive and spectacular team
  • Personal Engagement - How to engage yourself even when faced with adversity


James's experience and knowledge shone through. He shows managers how to take practical action to engage their teams. He is entertaining, well-informed, and above all, gets the audience to think and do differently. I would recommend him for any organisation where employees articulate a disconnection between themselves and their managers.


I was impressed with James's energised approach to day-to-day management issues - my expectations have been well surpassed. My management team is revitalised and eager to tackle operational issues in a new light. Feedback on the workshop has been extremely positive and treated like a reward.

Australian Unity

The participants were engaged at all times and appreciated hearing James's valuable insights and experiences in talent management. They were impressed by his candid and open presentation style and his honesty in answering audience questions. A considerable amount of positive feedback was received from the participants. Some comments included: "The talent management workshop was very good, the speaker dynamic and engaging", and "James Adonis was lively and his messages were easily followed, most worthwhile workshop of the day".

Australian Public Service Commission


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