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Penny Burke Travels from Melbourne, VIC

Penny Burke


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FAME -The condition of being known or talked about by many people, especially on account of notable achievements.

What are you famous for? How do you build fame in business? When Penny Burke talks about FAME it's not in the celebrity context, it's fame within the corporate world for individuals, leaders, companies and brands. What do our people, procedures and brand position project to the world and how are we truly being perceived and talked about? Do we understand how 'fame' directly relates to the engagement or our people and bottom line results in business? A fascinating topic to explore regardless of role and industry.

In the world of marketing and advertising Penny Burke was a Director of Australia's largest advertising agency and has been recognised by her peers as a member of the all time best advertising agency 'Dream Team'. In this role she helped to create some of Australia's most iconic brands and campaigns. Working with famous and loved brands such as Pro Hart Stainmaster Carpet ("Meester Hart, what a mess!"), "Not Happy Jan" (Yellow Pages) and the randy milkman ("Milk. Legendary Stuff").

Penny is currently the founder and Director of marketing communications consultancy that still works with some of Australia's best known organisations. From large retailers like Specsavers and Terry White Pharmacies; to mid size organisations such as Deakin University, McCain and Schwarzkopf; to entrepreneurs and a range of SMEs. Penny has consulted to all three levels of government with a range of social marketing behaviour-change campaigns.

What makes Penny different in the world of speaking? She is an expert consultant who speaks; she knows what is happening in the world of business. Penny is compelling, witty and highly practical. Because she is directly working with accounts signed to her agency she knows what challenges they are facing. Penny partners with her clients to create the right solutions. She is also an experienced board member which gives her another level of business experience to operate from. With access to relevant case studies and research Penny's sessions have the capacity to revolutionise workplaces.

Penny Burke will share her '3 laws of marketing', and much more. She is available for keynote speeches. Penny is highly effective at cementing the content of her keynote with an extended workshop, half or full day programmes. Penny is also sought for her experience as a panel facilitator. You can guarantee that Penny will put to work her knowledge and skills to approach your challenge or topic.

Penny holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing), and has lectured and tutored at a range of Melbourne Universities including RMIT, Monash and Swinburne. She also sits on the board of Kennards Hire, a privately owned tool hire company, and Brainwave, a charity established for children and their families suffering from acquired brain injury.

Penny is a full member of the Australian Social and Market Research Society (AMSRS), is a Qualified Practising Market Researcher (QPMR), a member of the Australian Marketing Institute and the Institute of Board Directors.

Keynote Titles

  • How to Create a More Engaging Workplace Brand
  • Commitment and Leadership (Inspiring Teams to Perform)
  • How to Attract and Retain the Best People
  • FAME - What are you famous for?


Brand passion... this is what Penny brings to any meeting or conference, delivered with great insight and experience. Penny's use of case studies combined with an unbelievable depth of knowledge based on many years' experience really sets her apart from anyone I have seen. All delivered with passion and enthusiasm, there should be more Penny Burke's!

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