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Ciara Lancaster Travels from Sydney, NSW

Ciara Lancaster


  • Brain / Neuro Science
  • Change Management
  • Leadership
  • Psychology
  • Resilience
  • Wellbeing

Ciara Lancaster is one of Australia's leading change fatigue and resilience experts, keynote speaker and bestselling author.  She helps organisations transform teams from change fatigued to re-energised, by helping resilient leaders re-awaken their brilliance and optimise their performance.

Her expertise comes from leading teams of 500+ through business transformation at the Big 4 and from the research uncovered in #1 best-selling book Reimagine Change, awarded a 'Finalist Medal' in the 2021 Australian Career Book Awards.

Ciara’s thought-provoking keynote speaking content explores the connections between resilience building, change leadership and self-leadership success strategies.

Human skills are THE competitive advantage in the decade of disruption, the post-pandemic world and the future of work.

Ciara is a former Change Manager at Deloitte Australia, and she combines stories, science and simple strategies from the stage to inspire a future-ready mindset reset.

Most importantly, in a world dominated by celebrity, Ciara brings authenticity, vulnerability and relatedness that the audience comments on time and time again.

When learnings are relevant, relatable, and research-backed, your audience will leave ready and willing to make an impact. Ciara’s keynotes are underpinned by the latest research in modern psychology, neuroscience and change leadership.

You will frequently see Ciara Lancaster's thought leadership in the media. The Financial Review, Sky News, In The Black, Women's Agenda and CEOWorld Magazine to name a few.

Keynote Titles

  • Rapid Resilience Reset®
  • The Reimagine Change®
  • Re-Energising Resilient Leaders: The Great Reality Check
  • Re-Energising Resilient Leaders: The Mindset Reset
  • Re-Energising Resilient Leaders: The Remote Teams Rethink


Ciara went above and beyond to prepare for the event and tailor her presentation to our audience. She delivered a thought-provoking presentation.

Australian Accredited Certifier Conference

Ciara provided exceptional value for our community at Mental Health and Change During Challenging Times, we look forward to having her back!

Change Management Institute

Ciara was brilliant…really fantastic! She was right on the message and achieved all of the desired outcomes from our briefing. The culture and change messaging was very motivational.



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