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Jimmy Poulos Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Jimmy Poulos


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A stylish professional and prolific storyteller, Jimmy’s unique brand of comedy has led to enormously successful appearances throughout the country. Audiences everywhere respond overwhelmingly to his frenzied attack of hilarious jokes, excruciating one liners and unforgiving routines that touch on every subject from growing up in the 70’s through to married life and relationships. 

Jimmy’s “Corporate” show is guaranteed to raise a laugh from anyone with a sense of humour from age 16 to 60. He has joked his way from Cairns to Kalgoorlie, with an act that offers good clean humour that will appeal to even the most politically correct. Jimmy is also an excellent Master of Ceremonies (MC), incorporating his humour into the event.

Undeniably, Jimmy’s special talent for immediately befriending his audiences, makes them laugh-a-lot, and sends them home with a warm inner glow. A master of the classic gag, Jimmy’s fast and refreshing style makes him a comedian with everlasting appeal.

The audience joins him on a roller coaster ride with as many original twists and turns as only Jimmy Poulos can provide. Jimmy’s machine gun delivery, combined with his unlimited energy, expert timing and endless stream of hilarious gags will leave you laughing, and downright exhausted.



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