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Robyn Moore Travels from Hobart, TAS


  • Communication
  • Culture Change
  • Customer Service
  • Female Speaker
  • Lifestyle
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Motivational
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Robyn Moore is Australia’s most in-demand female speaker and changes peoples' lives in her presentations by getting the ‘cut through’ her clients want! Robyn is a communication specialist. All Robyn’s presentations are tailored to the Client’s Brief and designed to:

  • Re-ENGAGE her audience with LIFE!
  • Re-ALIGN audiences with their Vision & Goals.
  • Re-INVENT attitudes and behaviours.
  • Re-GENERATE Passion, Work/Home Balance
  • Re-MIND your audience about what matters.
  • RE-STORE confidence in the future!

As a "Voice-Over Artist for 40 years, Robyn has been heard in most homes around Australia, NZ and in many countries around the world. You may not know her name, but her voice has sold millions of dollars' worth of products in iconic radio and TV ads. She's also entertained millions of Australians in syndicated radio comedies and in animation series seen internationally.

What audiences take away from Robyn’s presentations:

  • Audiences don’t just hear Robyn’s presentations they ‘experience’ them
  • Robyn is not stuck on one story and therefore every talk is unique and tailored to the audience. Audiences therefore connect in a more meaningful way with her talks and take away more significant learnings
  • Robyn literally “sells people back to themselves” so they recognise old habits and behaviours and take responsibility for choices, which create the outcomes they want in their lives

Keynote Titles

  • Life-altering communication!
  • Recreating passion at work, at home and within!
  • BIG words, BIG people, BIG future
  • Dealing with difficult people and circumstances!
  • SUPER sales and SUPER service!
  • The Power of the Word
  • Human Reacting vs Human BEING!


Excellent. Captured the focus of the conference perfectly. Highly entertaining with a strong message for the audience.

Services Clubs Association Ltd

Just outstanding - many people claiming the best speaker they had heard in over 20 years. Inspiring, funny and profound - a great success! Very professional and conscientious all the way through!

Xavier College Melbourne

I just wanted to follow up again with an enormous thank you following on from your session on Wednesday. Even today people are still talking about you. The impact on the leadership team is palpable and they continue to buzz with your energy. Your ability to cover so many subjects and have people laughing one minute and teary the next is extraordinary. Added to that is the subtle weaving of your inspirational messages with stories and their poignant relevance to Qantas.




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