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Malcolm Dix as Mick the Demotivational Speaker Travels from Perth, WA


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Malcolm Dix is a comedian, MC, public speaker, former social worker, father of three and the owner of a psychotic German short-haired Pointer puppy (which he often wishes could be returned to Germany). All of which means Malcolm lives a hectic but ultimately damned fine, funny and amazing life. Since 1994 Malcolm has consistently inspired and entertained business and industry groups and community organisations Australia-wide with his wicked wit, his lightning-quick repartee and his ability to tailor performances to suit his clients’ specific needs.

Through television and radio appearances (including Rove Live, ABC and TripleJ) and his popular range of comedic characters and hoaxes, Malcolm is a perennial crowd-pleaser. In addition to performing as “Mick the Demotivational Speaker”, Malcolm offers several other characters and can even create a fresh character for your event.

Mick the Demotivational Speaker – performed by Malcolm Dix

Have you seen enough motivational speakers to last you a lifetime? “Mick the Demotivational Speaker” is 20-25 minutes of safe, hilarious, customised, corporate comedy. He is not only outstanding entertainment, he can be used as a humorous way to celebrate your successes, recognise key people or communicate important messages, such as the importance of your values and strategic plan.

“Mick” has been a huge hit across the country for builders, miners, bankers, insurers, nurses, surgeons, high school teachers, public servants, dermatologists, midwives, engineers, cops and electricians, just to name a few.

How Does it Work? To prepare, we send you a list of ten questions and Malcolm uses your answers for "Mick's" inside information. You may also send us whatever documents or links you think would help. Once Malcolm receives your answers, he will give you a call to discuss them and make sure he understands.

He does his own research and draws on what he's learned working with similar fields or industries. You’ll be given an introduction to read for “Mick” and he’ll come staggering in halfway through it. He will explain the benefits of lowering the bar as “success is too hard to maintain – while mediocrity maintains itself”. He will then apply his “Seven Magic Steps for Suppressing Your Potential”. As funny and likeable as he is, people soon decide that they don’t really want to be lazy and mediocre like this guy. It’s a fantastic way to look at motivation and long-term success with humour and genuine insight.

NOTE: It’s not a bad idea to warn the function staff that “Mick” is coming – more than once, people have tried to throw him out before he can get to the lectern!


We have received the most amazing amount of positive feedback about your presentation. I know some of the attendees laughed until they cried!

Property Council Of Victoria

It was great! The scary thing is that several of the customers began quoting some of the suggestions Mick made as perfect sense – perhaps they do! You did a marvelous job.

Orrcon Steel

Clearly, the appearance of Mick at the dinner was a huge success and gave everyone a good laugh in tough times!


Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and Mick was a huge hit. The committee is thinking of inviting him to join us next year to help plan the agenda. His feedback on it was priceless!




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