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Bruce Alexander Travels from Sydney, NSW

Bruce Alexander


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  • Creativity / Innovation
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Bruce Alexander created the Caltex brand Starmart (seen in 13 countries). From the conference platform he reveals with rare authenticity the secrets of naturally creative people. Bruce's often hilarious and always revealing insider tours of the world of original ideas have delighted management audiences in nine countries.

Initially trained at the NSW Conservatorium of Music he toured as musical director of US soul legends 'The Drifters' Bruce producing remakes of their famous hits 'On Broadway' and 'Under the Boardwalk' and composed hundreds of household name advertising jingles.

He authored a leadership thinking skills seminar used in 3 countries and created the brand name and logo for $4 billion superannuation product LifeTrack. Doctor Robert Hunt of Macquarie University describes Bruce as "possessing a unique grasp of the subject of human imagination and rare insight into the process of inventiveness".

Bruce is internationally recognised in business and academic circles as a highly effective speaker able to boost natural creativity for corporate innovation and professional development. 

Keynote Titles

  • BEING ORIGINAL - Expanding and enjoying your own creativity
  • LEADERSHIP THINKING - Being an inspiration to yourself and others
  • SECOND NATURE - Becoming the most of who you are
  • BUSINESS IMAGINATION - Generating better ideas sooner
  • THE HIDDEN PERSUADERS - Being influential in the post-selling era



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