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David Chalke Travels from Melbourne, VIC

David Chalke


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David is one of Australia’s leading social analysts and cultural soothsayers and principal of his own strategy planning group. He focuses on measuring the effects of cultural change on Australians’ attitudes and behaviours, and advising on the impact of these on the formulation of effective business strategy and public policy.

A science graduate; David’s early career was in Europe with trans-national organisations such as Nestle, Cadbury Schweppes, and Wilkinson Sword. On coming to Australia David held the position of Director of Strategy Planning with McCann-Erickson, and then a similar post with Y&R Mattingly, until founding his own independent consultancy group in 1990.

David has authored a number of reports on Australian social change including:
- A Green Piece | The rise of consumer environmentalism
- Fit & Proper | CSR and corporate reputation
- She Won’t Be Right | The future of the Australian family
- You Are What You Drive | Australians’ relationships to their wheels
- When I’ve Made Our Minds Up | Women’s control of household finances
- Talking About My Generation | A dissection of Australia’s Baby Boomers

David’s engaging and insightful but 'Real World' view of the mood of Australians has made him a popular speaker at national and international conferences. He is a regularly quoted social commentator, and an occasional writer and broadcaster.


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