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Khory Hancock Travels from Gold Coast, QLD

Khory Hancock


  • Agriculture
  • Climate Change
  • Environment
  • Leadership
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  • Science
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  • Sustainability


Khory Hancock grew up on a 30,000-acre cattle property, located on the side of Carnarvon Gorge National Park north of Roma, Queensland. Growing up in this remote and ecologically diverse area gave him an opportunity to develop a genuine, lifelong interest in and passion for practical management in relation to the environment and sustainability, which naturally led to his decision to pursue a career in the environmental industry.

Khory describes himself as a ‘visionary strategist’, that explores practical solutions that help to make effective changes today, ultimately creating a better tomorrow.

While incorporated with humour, the messages that Khory brings are inspirational, authentic and credible due to his extensive experience in the climate science and environmental fields holding eight years’ experience as an environmental professional with two bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Science and Environmental Planning.

Khory has been trained as a Climate Reality Leader (Former Vice President of America Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project) and is actively part of Climate Reality’s ongoing projects.

Khory’s professional experience has been across numerous industries that include carbon offsets, carbon farming, coal seam gas, pipeline construction, coal mining, land rehabilitation, water and soil testing/monitoring, sustainable agricultural management, waste management, greenhouse gas reporting and public transport (light rail).

With a particular strength in climate change mitigation and adaptation solution strategy and keen interest in sustainable agricultural management, Khory continues to work as an environmental professional.

Using social media channels, speaking engagements and film, Khory educates the audience on climate science, identifying the current and future challenges faced in Australia and globally, with an aim to influence behavioural change.


Keynote Titles

  • The Environmental Cowboy


Khory represents the most wholesome aspects of humanity.

John Fletcher

Khory has demonstrated again and again an ability to be able to explain complex information in a fun and laid back way to people of all ages. He has been an integral part of this years project. Thank you again Khory. We have all learned a lot.

Sally-Anne Jefferson

The anecdotal and scientific revelation of facts should supercede all emotionally charged, media-driven click bait being propagated. A source of truth, Khory should be among our references when considering how we deal with the problems we're creating.

Ben Burnell


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