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Toby Travanner Travels from Melbourne, VIC

Toby Travanner


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Toby Travanner is a professional corporate trainer, keynote presenter, master of ceremonies and consultant. His primary area of expertise is coaching individuals and teams to realise their business and personal goals especially in the areas of sales and marketing.

He is an entertaining and challenging facilitator, with a reputation for high-energy, high-contact presentations. Toby consistently achieves 'excellent' ratings from the participants of his sessions, with most of his clients rating him as the best presenter they have ever worked with.

Being well versed in many industries and with over 30 years of experience in consulting, Toby is able to capture and motivate audiences with real, 'take home' techniques and attitudes. With global experience of business and personal cultures, Toby tailors his presentations and facilitated sessions specifically to the strategic environment of his clients and will often develop new techniques and methodologies to meet the continuing demands of people development in business today.

This customisation means that new ideas are more likely to be used and implemented by participants in his programs which are more likely to lead to a significant impact to the success of an organisation.

Toby's presentations are designed around his 3 'S's, short term, sustainable and significant.


Keynote Speaker
Toby is described as the ‘swiss army knife’ by many of his clients because of his ability to pull out the appropriate tool when necessary. Although he speaks on his favourite subjects, he uses his learning and development background to tailor his presentations from first principles to ensure that the content is relevant, informative, entertaining, but most importantly, immediately usable. He’s used this approach for not only keynote presentations, but also in his role as a ‘link presenter’, that five minute topic to link two speakers together when he is MCing, but also when he launches new products or initiatives for his clients. It’s all about making them look good.

Toby's presentations are designed around his 3 'S's.

Short term: There must be something that is immediately useable by the participants. If people and organisations don't see an immediate benefit, it is more difficult to gain the momentum from Skills Development or motivational activities.

Sustainable: Motivation can sometimes be limited to the time during the interaction with the presenter. Often we take part in sessions where we are entertained and think "I must do that when I get back to work". Unless the ideas, attitudes and methods are sustainable outside the conference or learning environment, then improvements to the return on intellect will not be achievable.

Significant: Outcomes, over a period of time, need to have a significant, measurable benefit to both the individual and to the organisation of which they are a part. These outcomes need to be in the form of improved technical and professional behaviours that lead to benefits to business processes.

Toby’s favourite topics include:
- communicating with influence and motivation
- human behaviours
- technology demystification
- sales skills in the Australian culture
- customer service

Master of Ceremonies
Achieving the accolade of being known as Australia’s Number One Business MC is not something that happens easily. Toby’s entire focus in his role as MC is to make you and your organisation not only look good, he’ll make you look great.

He brings his skills as a consultant, keynote speaker and facilitator into his role as an MC, and being well versed in a multitude of industries and with over 22 years of experience in business he’s more than just intros and housekeeping.

He will capture and motivate audiences by ensuring that the key messages from each session are highlighted and linked with each other and with the theme of the conference, and that conference strategies and desired outcomes are consistently reinforced.

One of the main ways Toby prepares in his role as MC for a conference is in the many hours of research he does on the industry, the organisation and any products. He’ll have enough knowledge to make supportive comments or to challenge them in a panel discussion or interview. It’s about knowing the industry or product or company without passing himself off as an industry expert.

He’s also funny without being a comedian; he’s able to delve into the human psyche without being a psychologist; he can speak business without being an economist; interview without being a journalist; play a role without being an actor; and can provide knowledge and useful tools without being a professor (but he is a member of the Adjust Faculty at the Australian Graduate School of Management, UNSW).

That’s what good facilitation’s all about, it’s not about the facilitator, it’s about allowing the group to achieve more by having someone provide frameworks, structure and exercises for discussion and documentation.

Toby’s facilitation sessions range from hypotheticals, both as a planning tool as well as a conference session, through to strategic and tactical business planning sessions.

For his planning sessions, he uses a particularly engaging approach known as Explorer, Artist, Judge, Warrior. This structure allows the team to understand where they are (explore), create ideas (artist), select the ones with the most impact (judge) and then develop an action plan (warrior).

He also uses other tools like meta planning, scenario based discussion and numerous business models to create the highest impact in the shortest possible time.

Keynote Titles

  • Communicating with influence and motivation
  • Human behaviours
  • Technology demystification
  • Sales skills in the Australian culture
  • Customer service


These sorts of presentations usually rate highly but I must comment that your presentation was possibly the best I have seen. Your enthusiasm and energy is very evident in your delivery style and the ability to keep a group of people awake for an after dinner session is to be congratulated.

Ernst & Young Consulting

Our training session with Toby last week exceeded my expectations. Our sales team enjoyed the workshop very much and it has thrilled me this week to hear them on the phones and see them with clients putting their training into action. The feedback from the team and from our General Manager has been absolutely wonderful.

Melbourne Racing Club

Seriously, I wanted to let you know personally that I was totally impressed with your performance at ASBA 2009 - as our 'Link Presenter'!! I don't think we could have had a more appropriate person to MC our Conference. You did it so well. I admired the way that you did the (brief) introductions, the way you "Worked the Room", the fantastic summaries and your energetic and entertaining demeanour. You did everything we asked, you made terrific suggestions and you carried everything off without any fuss. It was a pleasure to work with you and I thank you for helping (ensuring, orchestrating) to make it the best ASBA Conference (in 8) that I've been to.

Association Of School Business Administrators



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