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Dr Christine McDougall Travels from Gold Coast, QLD

Christine McDougall


  • Change Management
  • Communication
  • Culture Change
  • Facilitator
  • Female Speaker
  • Leadership
  • Motivational
  • Relationships
  • Strategy And Planning
  • Work Environments

Dr. Christine McDougall, B.Applied Sc, Integrity Architect and Founder of 2:23AM - Unlocking the power of people and the leader as steward towards a world that works for all.

Christine is an internationally recognised facilitator, practitioner, teacher coach, and authority in integrative systems design, human relational design, the development of the leader as steward and regenerative enterprise design. She has held large multi-stakeholder initiatives towards a better future or all, managing diversity, complexity and various stages of human development.

As the principal of 2:23AM – She works with leaders and enterprises globally who have a commitment to being the pioneers of enterprise change, where consideration of both the short term profitability and the long term costs/effects are added to the balance sheet on day one, raising the question of how else might we be successful without robbing from our children’s future.

She lectures biannually to the Entrepreneur Class at Bond University on Adult Human Development.

Christine speaks to audiences large and small around the world on topics of enterprise design, human relational design, the leader as steward, technology designed for human wellbeing (including blockchain)

She is the author of;

  • Dare to Care- Radical Truth with Compassion - a two day workshop on speaking the radical truth with compassion (The Speak the Truth ebook is available for download.)
  • Unplanning Obsolescence - A MASTERCLASS in building enterprise for a world with a future. 
  • Beauty of Beginnings - a daily short contemplation and sunrise photo
  • Stewardship - in the editing phase - a book and workbook for enterprise design for the future

Keynote Titles

  • What is means to be a man in today's world
  • Ending the silent struggle of the isolated leader
  • Ending shame and inviting vulnerability towards becoming a better leader
  • The 100 year plan - An end to short termism as an imperative
  • Designing our future - Why we need women at the design table in tech companies


I was lucky enough to be in the group that you presented to yesterday morning and I wanted to thank you for a most enlightening session. I had that many 'light-bulb' moments during your presentation - it has given me an enormous amount of things to think about, change, adjust etc ...I can't thank you enough for 'cutting through the BS' and making me take a good look at myself and WHY??? I do what I do.

Real Estate Agent, Carindale



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