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Advertising and Branding Speakers

What is a brand

A brand is the impression, the reputation or the ideas that people have in the minds – about you or your brand.    Should you wish to change or enhance a brand, then your organisation or company might benefit by engaging a branding specialist for your next conference or training event.

An advertising speaker can discuss ways to improve or enhance a reputation or the way people see a brand.  This might involve advertising, but is likely to include a whole bunch of techniques.  Branding is about telling a story, using things such as products, experiences and services.  

Great Expectation Speakers Bureau has keynote presenters who are specialists having worked to enhance brands from in a wide variety of industries, and will also include experience from not for profit organisations, government and corporate arenas.    

In general branding activities should be delicate and indirect.  While they may be time consuming in the beginning, the aim is to educate and be subtle about it.    Earn the trust of your clients by being authentic, real and united in your message.  

Be mindful of the 'branding' pitfalls

An overnight success can take 3 years!  Don’t be impatient. The goal of branding should be properly conceived and executed, to to become an overnight success but, not tomorrow and not next week.

Be Authentic.  Wanting a reputation that’s not deserved, and is inauthentic and fake.  Remember, living the version of what you are and what you want to be seen to be, is the sure and ideal way to progress.  Great Expectation Speakers Bureau can assist with experts in this area - keynotes to create and inspire organisational change. 

Obtain a trusted opinion, do some research, and take it board.   Don’t rely on what you have always relied on.  If you’re trying to develop a reputation amongst an extend audience, you need to find someone from that audience.  Someone whom you trust.  And then, listen to what they have to say. Engage a professional presenter in the advertising field to commence research: how relevant are you to your key audiences?  

Tunnel vision.  Are you trying to solve a significant problem using communication alone?  “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Communications and advertising can be the hammer of most branding and marketing professionals.   But the problem with some brands is - the issue is not a ‘nail’, and solving the problem requires not just a 'hammer', it needs a whole toolbox.

Great Expectation Speakers Bureau is passionate about getting the right advertising and branding speaker or trainer, for conferences and events. 

Create exceptional organisational development or training day with something new and 'out of the box'.  The ideas and recommendations available might prove to be an invaluable addition to your tool box. 


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