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Steve Van Aperen Travels from Melbourne, VIC

Steve Van Aperen


  • Business Skills
  • Communication
  • Law
  • Magic
  • Management
  • Motivational
  • Profiling
  • Relationships
  • Risk Management
  • Small Business
  • Work Environments
  • Workshops


After assisting police in 68 homicide investigations and 2 serial killer cases, the media gave Steve the moniker “The Human Lie Detector”. In order to help police read people Steve developed his unique four stage process together with his hugely successful “60 Second Profiling Technique”.

Steve has trained intelligence agencies, homicide detectives, the Defence Security Authority and Department of Defence personnel in how to read people and detect deception by analysing verbal, non-verbal and paralinguistic behaviours.

That same process is now taught by Steve throughout the world to CEO’s, business executives, recruiters, portfolio managers, the banking & finance industry, customer service reps, investigators and sales professionals to do their jobs better.

Steve’s training helps you succeed at the negotiation table… read people like a book… cultivate deeper relationships… and dramatically increase profits.

As a highly sought after speaker, media commentator, author, behavioural analyst and executive business coach, Steve travels around the world teaching organisations how to read their customers, detect deception, win at the negotiation table and watch profits soar.

He's also a very successful speaker in the USA and the Asia Pacific region and has been working on a new crime show (that he's producing and hosting) that has been signed by Foxtel CI Network and WTFN Productions.

Let Steve show you how to read these verbal and non-verbal cues and prosper in business, sales, meetings, recruitment interviews and negotiations!


Keynote Titles

  • Gain An “Edge” When Interviewing, Selling Or Negotiating… By Deciphering Messages Hidden In Body Language
  • Detect Deception By Looking “Between The Words”
  • Express Your Better Self


The delivery was fantastic and so was all of Steve's content.


Very engaging. Loved the fact that Steve included audience participation. The feedback from the delegates was excellent. He was their favourite speaker!

PPM Group

My colleagues and our internal stakeholders found Steve's presentation refreshingly new, interesting and thought-provoking. I don't think this style of presentation is out much in the market so the new-ness of it was great to see. When asked to rate the usefulness of Steve's presentation for their work, 90% of respondents rated it four or five out of five. Congratulations.

Commonwealth Bank


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