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Improve workplace performance with MindPT Posted on June 28, 2016 in Leadership Development

Priming for success with MindPT
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MindPT applies the most up to date research on positive psychology and neuroscience to improve workplace performance and employee outcomes. 

Why Use MindPT? 

Individuals seek help with life’s challenges including SAD (stress, anxiety and depression), work-life balance, financial security, health and wellbeing, workplace stress and dissatisfaction, relationship problems, lack of purpose, overwhelm and lack of ‘me time.’ 

Employers want to improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, reduce healthcare-related costs and increase profits. 

Many people recognise that in order to cope with stress and life challenges, they need to make change within themselves (change their beliefs and perceptions). 

However, over 70% of all personal change attempts are ineffective because they are time and effort intensive; people lose motivation long before they see results.  This cycle is common and the standard across all industries. 

So what is MindPT?

MindPT is an innovative and sophisticated technology that integrates empowering and positive thoughts and ideas into the human mind, creating positive habits that help the realisation of professional and personal goals and other desired lifestyle related outcomes. 

MindPT is:

Fun and easy to use: promotes daily and consistent use and removes the ‘I don’t have time’ excuse, thus leading to immediate and lasting results. 

Based on neuro-scientific principles including:
Preconscious processing
Emotional contagion
Mirror neurons
Reticular Activating System

Based on positive psychology principles including:
Broaden & Build Theory
Self-fulfilling Prophecies (Pygmalion effect, Galatea Effect, Placebo Effect)

Pocket Trainer: bite-sized personal growth for busy on-the-go people, with a short viewing time (2 -10 minutes) for convenience.  Leverage for peak performance anytime or immediately self-soothe in an emotional crisis. 

Active meditation: emotionally engaging, evocative, flowing content for fast imprinting of positive beliefs and mental rehearsal of positive outcomes. 

The MindPT platform is available as an iOS and Android mobile app for convenience or on a desktop. This is user-controlled viewing and offers privacy and convenience. 

The technology is affordable and readily available for your team, on any device.


Create your own customized MindPT session for your next conference or event or ongoing team development.

Organisations are now customising and creating their own sessions which feature user’s own self-images, company name, logo and personalised targeted statements to reflect core cultural values.  All aimed to encourage personal identification and emotional engagement with positive affirming, cultural values and change.  All of which is only limited to your imagination. 

Is your team ready for effortless change? 

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