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Workplace Health Posted on November 3, 2015

   Paul Spinks

Keynote Speaker Paramedic and State Trauma Concillor
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We asked Paul Spinks a couple of questions regarding his recent workplace health seminar, Thrive.   Here is what he had to say about his workplace health programs and content.  

What action needs to be taken by organisations and their decision makers in relation to workplace health, from a physical and/or mental health perspective?

Acknowledge that workplaces need to take charge over this space, because it is not happening anywhere else. Why?  Because “you may be certified to do the job, but how certified you are at life itself will determine your effectiveness in the workplace.” For every $1.20 we spend on wellbeing you can expect a $2.20 return in productiveness. Sooner or later if workplaces don’t find the time and money to invest in wellbeing, they will have to find time and money to invest in ill health.

How does your content and ideas improve your workplace mental and physical health?
I have a unique platform in raising mental and physical health awareness in the workplace in a no nonsense, street talking fashion. Sugar coating is not our thing, nor is appealing to minorities to stifle the impact we are making in this space. Staff often respond better to real life situations and experiences, rather than a tailored or accredited course on mental and physical health. We must find new and innovative ways to reach people’s psyche on this. The evidence is in - people are listening and then acting.

What are three take home actions for those who attended our Workplace Health Seminar?

1.  Introduce our Thrive seminar to your management group - we can deliver a small private session for a $1,500.00 + GST to help decisions makers, or a board of directors, consider Thrive in their workplace?

2.  Once we deliver, we can discuss the greater reach of Thrive and its products so the message does not wash off and change for the better IS NOT an overnight FAD.

3.  Take Thrive into your own personal life.  If the points raised resonated with you, allow us to reach your family and friends and local community – Don’t be afraid to ask, you will be amazed what a request can bring. 

Key Outcomes
How can your programs and content make a real difference to my organisational culture.

1.  There is no greater measure of human performance for those who care and nurture. In a world where one in two of us are depressed, 22% of which are extreme, this is a space that can NO LONGER be ignored. From the words of the Qantas Head of Safety, “use your family as a measure as to how safe and productive you want your organisation to be and then treat your staff accordingly.” I have a similar philosophy in my Ambulance work; a heroin addict that I drag from the gutter will receive the same level of compassion as your bright eyed three year old. Could there be a greater measure than the family test!

I see your workplaces and staff from a different light; the treating chair of an Ambulance or an intense counselling session of not being able to cope. I use that knowledge now to help make a difference BEFORE a workplace becomes ill.

2.  People often ask me how will my content bring about a difference to the organisational culture – In my opinion Mental and Physical health in the workplace, and our lives in general, needs a giant wake up call.  Ask yourself the question, having attended a Thrive seminar, does your health and wellbeing education stream need a giant prod?

3.  How do we know if we are burning up our Serotonin and Dopamine reserves if we don’t even understand the concept?  How can we go to work and deliver the same performance markers, but without risk of having a heart attack or stroke? Sooner or later if workplaces don’t find the time to invest in wellbeing, they will have to find time to invest in ill health. Thrive teaches us to be masters of our own bodies and become less reactive and more proactive with a number of physical and mental exercises to assist. Of course awareness of ourselves is a key element in all our teachings.

Paul is available for keynote presentations, half day or full day workshops and one week programmes. He travels ex Gold Coast and works exclusively with Great Expectation.

For more information about Paul, his speaking fees and/or to his check availability to speak at your upcoming event, please contact the team at Great Expectation on 1300 55 64 69 or at