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Anoop Anchal Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Anoop Anchal


  • Business Skills
  • Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Facilitator
  • High Energy
  • Sales
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Training

Anoop Anchal is a business owner, trainer and passionate advocate of creating the right sales process for your business. He knows that running a business is all about sales. Anoop owns a successful business and has been in operation for 10 years. He practices what he preaches.  

Anoop has also worked with numerous businesses to increase sales and systemised their sales approach. His integrity ensures that those who he coaches get results.  His number one value is contribution.  To make sure that whoever he comes in contact with learns the art of closing with a win|win end result.

Anoop's purpose is to engage your sales teams in a way that makes them understand the importance of the fundamentals.  No need for the basics to be boring and uninspired.  Rather, Anoop specialises in creating exciting sales training that gets to the WHY of the basics.  

The core focus of the content that Anoop develops teaches sales teams to communicate with their clients in a way that THEY want to receive communication. Due to the various methods that Anoop delivers his sales training, he is able to adapt to the platform that best suits you - from stage to video conferencing - each has its intricacies which Anoop is able to handle.

Best of all...

Anoop delivers from a place of integrity.  Yes he trains and speaks on various platforms, but he also has a successful bricks and mortar business which has been operational for 10 years.  Previously, Anoop was a leading Pharmaceutical Sales Manager.  

He walks his talk in the following areas:
• Sales Team engagement and mindset shifts
• Facilitating Sales Process creation and cultural change
• Forward thinking strategy sessions
• Workplace Challenge management

Key topic areas include Sales People, Sales Management and Sales Training.  

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