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How to stand out, without selling out, in this age of online influence Posted on November 7, 2018 in Hot Keynote Topics

Kirryn Zerna speaks to entrepreneurs and business owners about how to create remarkable digital brands and how to equip large organisations to equip and mobilize leaders to create a digital brand from within that can't be ignored. In her article below Kirryn shares some tips from her keynote topic, THE STANDOUT EFFECT.
By Kirryn Zerna

Imagine your favourite coffee shop.

To get there you’ve walked past not one, not two but 7 coffee shops.

Now picture it heaving with dine-in eaters and takeaway orders out the door, while the next-door neighbour café is empty. No queues. No people.

Why does this happen? With such a straightforward commodity product like coffee, how does one coffee shop stand out, while its neighbour is invisible? 

The Quest to Stand Out…

The quest to STAND OUT in a crowded marketplace and to attract attention from potential customers is not a modern-day problem; it’s an age-old pursuit.

It’s simply that today the context has changed.

What was once a physical market place,
became a street of retail shops,
became a city reached through radio,
became a nation reached through television,
became a globe seamlessly connected through the internet and social media.

Today we live in the age of online influence. As Homo Deus author Yuval Noah Harari elegantly puts it, “A global audience connected by a digital message just like a whisper… what once we only thought possible by the God’s.”

So how do you seize the opportunity to amplify your brand and reputation? How do you stand out in this complex and crowded space without selling out on what makes you unique? 

Creating a remarkable contrast

A standout contrast in this online landscape comes from uncovering, and communicating, the very essence of what is remarkable about you and your brand.

Being remarkable is something striking, memorable, distinctive and worthy of being remarked upon. It gets people talking.

Likewise, when this translates to the digital space – the content that you create and share – it forms a stark contrast in personality, style, language and look between you and everyone else in your industry. It gets you noticed.

So how do you work it out? Start with the question, what is remarkable about you? How can you get people to notice you or talk about you and keep this going over time?

Here are some other key questions to consider.

Four Questions to uncover what is remarkable about your brand!

1. If your business ceased to exist today, what would be lost? What is your unique contribution?

2. How do you serve your clients or customers in a way that delights them? In other words, what is the positive feedback you’re continually receiving?

3. What moves you/your team about your business, and inspires you into action each day?

4. What do people say is your worst character trait?

How could this in fact be your greatest distinctive advantage? 

Your Next steps?

Now it’s time to create a compelling narrative around these remarkable features.

And remember this is not a quick fix; it’s a long game to establishing a reputation that makes your brand the one that everyone remembers and the one that no-one can walk past.

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What creates the STAND OUR EFFECT? Watch the video below to learn more.

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