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Sales and Marketing Speakers

Sales and marketing speakers with Great Expectation Speakers and Trainers, are world class marketing experts in sales offering unique and dynamic marketing and sales presentations for conferences which are full of interactive genius.    

Contact Great Expectation Speakers and Trainers for individual advice for your sales and marketing presenters.  Many of the keynote and conference speakers have industry specific sales and marketing knowledge, and firsthand experience.

Conference presenters can also facilitate sales workshops or sales and marketing training.

Please note not all our presenters are listed here on our website, save time and contact us with your brief today.  We have highly specialised presenters for various industries. 


Gary Bertwistle

Travels From Sydney, NSW

Gary Bertwistle has always had a passion for innovation and creativity. His career has spanned the retail, music, media, corporate education...

Robin Daubeny

Travels From Melbourne, VIC

Robin Daubeny is regarded as a unique and sought after motivational speaker in Australia. His presentations entertain, educate and motivate....

Jeremiah Desmarais

Travels From Los Angeles, USA

Jeremiah Desmarais is a 23-time award-winning financial marketer, TED Speaker and philanthropist that has been featured on Forbes and CNN. His...

Elliot Epstein

Travels From Melbourne, VIC

Elliot Epstein is one of Australia’s leading speakers on winning new business in competitive markets. In addition, he has coached and trained...

Andrew Griffiths

Travels From Cairns, QLD

Andrew Griffiths is an entrepreneur with a real passion for small business. From humble beginnings as an orphan growing up in Western Australia,...

Christina Guidotti

Travels From Sydney, NSW

Christina Guidotti is one of Australia’s leading experts on success, belief, conviction and commitment. For over 25 years, she has...

Ian Harvey

Travels From Gold Coast, QLD

Ian Harvey is a speaker and trainer with experience in management. He works with companies in a diverse range of services from design of marketing...

David Hefter

Travels From Brisbane, QLD

Who is David Hefter – and what could he possibly teach me about success in business? How does a 30+ year career in the ‘cut-throat,...

Annette Lackovic

Travels From Sydney, NSW

Annette Lackovic is Australia’s leading female sales and mindset expert. As seen on A Current Affair and many print publications, Annette...

Tim Reid

Travels From Melbourne, VIC

Who's Tim? Does He Really Have Any Idea? Fair questions indeed. Tim has over 20-years of extensive and diverse experience in Marketing Communications.  As...