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Andrew Griffiths Travels from Hobart, TAS

Andrew Griffiths


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Andrew Griffiths is best described as an entrepreneurial futurist - in other words he specialises in future proofing businesses across virtually every industry and in every corner of the planet. With 13 bestselling books sold in 65 countries (and he has just released his 14th book) and a client base that includes organisations such as the European Union, CBS, Hewlett Packard, Hertz and Telstra, to mention just a few of the 500 organisations he has worked with, he is clearly sought after to provide advice and wisdom for the smallest of businesses to the largest of organisations.

Andrew is able to share his observations, experiences and research from around to world to identify the exact steps any organisation needs to take to become future proof. And he delivers his advice in a down to earth, simple and often hilarious way. Andrew has been a commentator on all things business for many years for organisations including INC, CBS, Newscorp and Flying Solo. He has created thousands of sharp, relevant and insightful articles, videos and podcast episodes as well as being interviewed hundreds of times by various media around the world.

Andrew’s advice is a combination of street smart wisdom, practical concepts and productive triggers, derived from the hard learned lessons with his own trial and error, as well as years of close observation and identification of the characteristics shared by both the really successful and the really unsuccessful. Andrew started his business world at the age of 18 as a commercial diver, he taught bush survival skills in the outback of Western Australia, ran his own travel business, his own SCUBA school, an advertising business and most recently a marketing consultancy.

Described by many as the big man with the big heart, Andrew is on a mission to share the entrepreneurial rites of passage that he has learned to help others set themselves apart from the crowd and to stay relevant with their customers for a lifetime. In a world where simply keeping up is proving the greatest challenge, hearing about what is happening with both the big business world and the small business world, from someone with 40 years of entrepreneurial experience, is hugely beneficial.

Keynote Titles

  • It's time to start charging what you're worth
  • We need to redefine the concept of success
  • It's time to start charging what you're worth
  • What does success really mean to you?
  • The right way and the wrong way to increase your prices
  • Embracing the concept of 'Customer Proximity'
  • The7 stories every business needs to share
  • Redefine your value to your customers
  • It's time for some old school marketing
  • Building a bulletproof brand


Andrew Griffiths has a unique gift. He is one of the greatest communicators of our time. Part philosopher, part futurist and part advocate for entrepreneurs everywhere.

CEO | PeopleHQ And Founder Of The Human Learning Collective

Andrew Griffiths is real, raw and relevant.

The Sunday Mail

Andrew Griffiths is the eighth wonder of the world. He embodies authority, integrity and authenticity when it comes to doing business, and the success of the people he works with is mirrored around the planet. Those of us in his community are loyal, grateful and fiercely willing to support his extraordinary entrepreneurial work.

The Accountability Coach | Author And Mentor



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