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Tanya Williams Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Tanya Williams


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Tanya is described as effervescent, fun, full of energy, and savvy but can back it up with relevant knowledge for her audience. She is a straight-talking, heel-wearing, pink-loving Tradigital Strategist with over 25 years of experience in marketing, digital, sales & innovation (ouch, makes her sound old). What you see is what you get. She doesn’t sugarcoat things (that just add more calories)
Day-to-day, she helps clients transform their business with words, words, words, and some numbers. In grown up words that translates to …focusing on simple marketing that integrates traditional and digital tactics to attract the right kind of clients. 
Oh, and here’s the kicker – she is NOT obsessed with social media like most marketers are. In fact, her focus is “sales without socials.” She is helping clients flip the switch to stop being focused on algorithms and dancing in Tik Toks and use marketing that is practical, free and is more engaging that Facebook 10 times over.
She is multi-passionate (running 3 businesses), is childfree by choice, and values giving back to communities locally and overseas. As a product of the 80’s you will see a distinct theme on her website and marketing because she really does do things differently. 

Keynote Titles

  • Marketing Without Social Media – Future or Fantasy?
  • Everything Old Is New Again (That Includes Your Marketing)
  • Marketing without Social Media
  • The 5-minute Digital Marketer – why having no time is B.S


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