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Amanda Stevens Travels from Sunshine Coast, QLD

Amanda Stevens


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2020 changed the events industry forever. As the sector returns to some sort of normality, having a speaker who is experienced in delivering live, virtually and hybrid is key.

Entertaining. Inspiring. Humorous. Engaging.  Memorable. These are just some of the words used to describe Amanda Stevens, CSP. After wowing audiences in 14 countries for more than a decade on the speaking circuit, Amanda is widely regarded as one of the best female speakers in Australia.

Her ability to tailor each presentation and connect with each audience in a uniquely tailored way enables her to deliver powerful messages that provoke, stick and inspire action. Book Amanda for your next conference or event and you’ll experience impact and value that lasts long after she’s walked of stage, live or virtually.

Amanda’s specialty is the customer experience. She’s passionate about it, blogs about it and writes books about it. But her approach transcends a one-dimensional customer service message; her content is based on powerful, proven and practical strategies for turning customers into advocates and it can be applied to any industry.

There are hundreds of speakers that can come and give a professional, well rehearsed keynote. Very few speakers can immerse themselves in a brand and truly add value.

When you book Amanda Stevens to speak at your conference, expect more than you bargained for.  She will get to know your industry and brand intimately and will customise her approach, tailor her stories and direct her message to meet the unique opportunities of your sector.

She can layer in powerful communication messages and deliver lessons that resonate at every level of an organisation. She’s also able to facilitate workshop discussions and integrate interactive team exercises where appropriate. After all, creating brand advocates is a team sport.

Amanda will spend time with your delegates after the presentation and provide powerful follow-up resources that extend the learning and ensure that her presentation is still being talked about for weeks, months and years after your event.

Working with Amanda is a unique experience that transcends her time on stage and ensures you get a powerful and lingering return on investment.

Balancing entertainment and humour with content and take-aways is a fine line. It’s Amanda’s signature style - your audience will laugh (but not more than they’ll learn).

An audience will remember how a speaker made them feel long after they remember the facts and data. Amanda is able to take your audience on a journey of laughter, tears and storytelling at its finest, wrapped around solid insights, well-researched data and practical strategies that can be applied immediately. In short, she entertains and informs.

She’s widely regarded as one of the funniest speakers on the circuit. But the humour never overshadows the gravitas of the message. She’s able to bring complex research, trends and insights to life with personal anecdotes that are relatable, authentic and funny.

Amanda is able to draw on numerous up-to-the-minute research sources to ensure her messaging is highly customised to your industry (with supporting case studies). Get ready for your audience to be inspired like never before.

Amanda will create change, shift perspectives and incite action - all delivered with maximum entertainment value.

Keynote Titles

  • Epic: Future- proof your brand.
  • Turning customers into advocates.
  • Retail revival in a new world.
  • Brand advocacy from the inside out.


Amanda’s presentation was fantastic! I scribbled (yes scribbled!) so many notes wanting to get it all down to pass on to the team at the dealership! I love the idea of storytelling to engage the guest to buy and the idea that what goes on in the peripheral from the transaction can affect the experience. I will be looking at these from the customers' view. Look out dealership!

Jarvis Toyota

Amanda is very knowledgeable about her subject matter and is a great speaker. She was able to quickly adapt her presentation and content to suit our needs, made suggestions and tailored the content to better engage the audience. She has a relaxed and friendly approach that makes her very easy to work with.

Credit Union Australia

Amanda is one of the best speakers we’ve had. Her ability to connect with an audience is unique and makes for an exciting presentation with lots of positive feedback afterwards.

Pharmacy Guild

Amanda’s speech at our conference impressed everyone with her insights on selling and relationship-building. Her storytelling ability is amazing. The most impressive part of her speech was how the small changes in the services have improved the sales in a years’ time.

Presence Of IT


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