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Christina Guidotti Travels from Brisbane, QLD


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Christina Guidotti is an expert in personal effectiveness - helping you get more of what you want at work and in life by teaching the mechanics of productivity and the mastery of fulfilment.

Christina’s message is centred on success being a combination of both achievement and fulfilment, and she has cracked the formula with her unique methods that work. Many people climb up the ladder of success - but Christina ensures that when you get to the top, you are leaning on the right wall. It’s not just about getting things done, but getting things done that matter.

Christina is a trusted advisor to busy people, and is passionate about helping them make every minute count, so that they can have it all at work and in life. By sharing her proven and powerful methods of success, Christina has the solution to turning the seemingly impossible and highly sought after work - life balance into a reality.

For 25 years Christina has consistently juggled a successful career in retail then real estate sales and leadership, now her own practice in personal effectiveness, a husband and a 25 year relationship, two children, some personal time and all the whilst growing and keeping wealth assets. What’s quite unique about Christina is her stamina in maintaining energy, enthusiasm and optimism for such a sustained period. She is certainly living proof that her methods work.

Christina is a clever and caring woman who has walked many paths, and has the credibility to share valuable, inspirational insights, and crucial knowledge and skills. Her wish is that all busy people and their leaders will be positively overwhelmed with how she can cause a life of often struggle to ultimately become a life of loving it all. Having always led lucrative businesses she knows that once the individual has mastered their own personal effectiveness, this has a wonderful rippling effect, improving quality of life, team culture, results and long-term profitability of business.

Keynote Titles

  • How to Have It All - Discover how to find achievement with fulfilment by learning how to deliver on the promises you make to yourself.
  • The Leadership Edge - Effective leadership will cause a ripple effect throughout the organisation - and right down to the bottom line.
  • Become Super-Productive - Finally master your personal productivity and see how it positively effects both work and home life by getting things done that matter.
  • Real Estate Success with Fulfilment - How to be effective in Real Estate and prevent the burnout common in this demanding but rewarding career.
  • The Parent Juggle - Keep sane and find fulfilment as an effective working parent - our kids need us to get this right!


I have watched Christina run a successful business for many years, and as a businessman, in business for the last 35 years, I am in awe of how she is able to motivate a team of employees and sales staff. She has the ability to pull the team together and lift them, not only for the better good of the business but for the better good of the individuals as well. Christina has a talent, a very rare talent, to be able to motivate and help others to obtain clarity in what they are doing, as well as why they are doing it. I will be using her as an ongoing resource to my business, I hope for my years to come.

Beauchamp Moore Financial Services

So very happy with Christina's support. Christina has helped me set my goals and map out the path to achieving them. The new methods I have been taught in time management and organisation have added to my success almost immediately. The knowledge I've gained from working with Christina have not only improved my success but my motivation. If you are wanting to work smarter not harder and gain more out of your time than do as I have and contact Christina.

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I have had the good fortune of attending some of Christina's sessions as part of my real estate training. Let me tell you, Christina contributed in no small way to my attainment of 'Platinum' sales status in my group and my recent achievement of being a 'Finalist' at the 2011 Australasian Real Estate Awards in the prestigious category of Salesperson of the Year.

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